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Tailgating Checklist Infographic: How to Host the Perfect Tailgate

football-tailgate-party-checklist-infographicCollege football season is now well underway. Hundreds of thousands are congregating around university parking lots all around the nation, cooking, drinking, and celebrating with fellow gridiron fans.

It’s easy to throw an amazing parking lot party right at the tailgate of your car or truck. With these easy steps and tips, you’ll have an easy tailgate menu and a good game plan for all the action in the parking lot before the real game starts. So, if you’ve never partaken in the activity of tailgating, here is a handy infographic guide on how to host the perfect tailgate!

Bacon-wrapped Cheese-stuffed Hot Dogs: Ingredients

  • Hot dogs (about 2 per person)
  • Soft hot dog rolls
  • Cheddar cheese sticks
  • Bacon (1 slice per hot dog)

The key to making a tailgate party low-stress is picking a…

Sriracha is America’s Most Searched Condiment

Bowl of sriracha sauceEver wonder what condiment Americans are searching for more than any other? The answer is probably not a surprise to some of you.

It is Sriracha.

Sriracha chile pepper sauce, with the biggest-selling brand being the famous Huy Fong Foods “Rooster Sauce,” has certainly taken the culinary world by storm over the past couple of years. Therefore, it’s been on the minds of a lot of people, warranting searches on Google in a majority of the States.

Below is a handy infographic created by Fix Hot Sauce that shows that the trend towards Sriracha has grown in the past five years.

NOTE: Unfortunately, b0th the aforementioned Fix Hot Sauce and Business Insider Australia are taking this information and are erroneously reporting that Sriracha is “America’s Favorite Condiment.” Simple logic can tell you that Google searches do not equal sales. I mean, milk is in almost every U.S. home, but when is the last time you’ve done an internet search on milk? It is my hope that Fix Hot Sauce and Business Insider Australia both clarify this and correct their claims.

The True Cost of A Healthy Lifestyle

The-True-Cost-of-A-Healthy-Lifestyle-InfographicWhat is the true cost of a healthy lifestyle? Does it cost more to go out to eat or stay home and make dinner? The answer may surprise you.

Now I will continue to go out to dinner and enjoy what a restaurant can offer, but purchasing food at home can be both cheaper and healthier for you. Here’s a handy infographic on food costs in the U.S. and the true cost of a healthy lifestyle.

Average Daily Food Cost In The U.S.
Milk, regular (0.25 liter): $0.23
Loaf of Fresh White Bread: $125g
Local Cheese (0.10kg): $1.07
Chicken Breasts Boneless, Skinless (0.15kg): $1.32
Banana (.25kg): $0.40
Oranges (0.30kg): $1.21
Onion (0.10kg): $0.26
Rice, white (0.10kg): $0.37
Eggs (2.4): $0.55
Beef Round (0.15kg)…

Cuts of Pork – Get to Know the Parts of a Pig


Are you a True BBQ Pitmaster? Do You Know Your Cuts of Pork?

There is nothing on God’s green earth that quite compares to a perfectly-cooked beef steak or grilled or smoked chicken.  But my favorite grilled or barbecued animal of choice? It is perhaps the pig.

Pork is undeniably one of the most commonly consumed meats in the world. My preference for swine is due to the meat being sweet and juicy, almost to the point of being deliciously unctuous. I also love pig because there is simply so much you can do with it and types of meat they offer. I mean, you can get ribs, pulled pork, ham, St. Louis-style pork steaks, sausage, bacon…? What’s not to love?

Where do you start? There are seemingly endless cuts that can be found, some better known than others, even if you only include what’s found at your neighborhood grocer…

Sriracha Rooster Sauce Infographic

sriracha-rooster-sauce-infographicSome Like It Hot…especially when it’s srircaha sauce.

Here’s a little Sriracha Sauce Infographic created by graphic designer (and die-hard sriracha aficionado) Tiffany Matthews. Although the term “sriracha sauce” can be applied to any one of the hundreds of brand names that manufactures a red, sweet, Asian-style sauce similar to “Rooster Sauce”, this one has a focus the most popular sriracha sauce maker, Huy Fong Foods. Enjoy!






Kickass Ketchups Custom Ketchup Recipes Infographic

kickass-ketchups-recipes-inforgraphic-thumbnailI love ketchup on french fries and on meatloaf, but it’s hard to find other applications on which I can put plain ol’ tomato ketchup on and not have it taste “off”. But if you get a flavored ketchup, and then it opens bold new dimensions for this popular condiment.

Below is an infographic I found on Reddit on different recipes for ketchup variations – Kickass Ketchups! Indian Spice Ketchup? Bloody Mary Ketchup? Chipotle Lime Ketchup? I cannot wait to play around with these ketchup recipe combinations!

Cooking With Smoke BBQ Infographic

how-to-smoke-meats-on-a-gas-or-charcoal-grill-infographic-thumbnailWe barbeque junkies know and appreciate the benefits of having wood smoke applied to our outdoor cooks. So much, in fact, that virtually all BBQ purists and aficionados don’t even consider it to be “real” ‘que unless the meat the slow-cooked meat gets a healthy dose of savory smoke flavor. If all you know is to set your charcoal or gas grill on “high” and blaze the heck out of your meat, then you’re missing out on the best of what BBQ has to offer.

Here is an outstanding infographic on how to cook with smoke on a gas or charcoal grill. Even veterans may glean something new from these excellent tips laid out before you. Enjoy!

Regional BBQ Sauce Styles Infographic

us-regional-bbq-sauce-styles-infographic-thumbnailAlthough there are no hard and fast rules, and U.S. geographic-based barbecue sauce styles and flavor profiles can cross lines and get blurred, there are definitely some favorite types based on the regional of the country you’re in.

The following Regional BBQ Sauce Styles Infographic shows the basic formulas for what four or five different areas are most famous for, roughly based on the amounts of these ingredients: tomatoes, peppers, vinegar, mustard and sugar.

Sure there are many other unique styles of BBQ sauce (for instance, the white BBQ sauce of northern Alabama), but these are the most well-known blueprints for barbecued, saucy goodness that is slathered on smoked and seasoned meat right out of the pit, from Texas, Kansas City, Memphis, North Carolina and South Carolina.

While you peruse this infographic, I urge all BBQ novices to experiment with different styles and try their own, and see what best satisfied their own personal palettes.

How People Grill Around the World Infographic

 How People Grill Around the World Infographic

While as die-hard BBQers grill and smoke year ’round, many people kick off grilling season around Memorial Day weekend. Now’s the time to wipe off the grill, refresh your favorite dry rub recipe and invite the neighborhood over. While dogs, burgers, steaks and chicken on the grill reign supreme in the U.S., perhaps this year you’ll want to add some different flair to your fire. That got us thinking – how do people grill around the world?

We researched 10 of the most popular grilling methods around the globe, as well as what different countries love to grill most. So for your next block party, instead of buying grocery store franks, consider making your own custom recipe to invoke the flavors of Japanese yakitori or Mexican carne asada. Your barbecue will be out of this world – and have neighbors lining up for seconds.

Click on this grilling infographic to view…