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Cookware is a major investment in any kitchen and getting it wrong can cause countless ongoing problems.  This infographic on will help you to correctly choose and use the right cookware for best results.



10 Top Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Cookware Infographic

Infographic courtesy of http://www.healthlisted.com/10-top-tips-get-best-results-cookware/

1. Don’t Over React

Aluminium, copper, steel (not stainless) and iron react with food. This results in metals being released during cooking – not ideal over time. Non reactive materials include stainless steel, enamel and ceramics.

2. Control Temperature

Cooking is all about conducting heat and some materials are much better (copper, aluminium) than others (stainless steel, cast iron). Good heat conductors cook more evenly and react faster to temperature changes.

3. Balance Reactivity with Conductivity

Combining materials can bring together the best properties of different materials. For example, stainless steel pots (non-reactive) with a copper core (improved heat conduction).

4. Beware! Non Stick Can Be Toxic

Non stick cookware can contain substances that when heated release toxic particles and gases. These have been linked to many health problems.

5. DIY Non-Stick Cookware

Cast iron and some stainless steel pans can be made non-stick through a simple process of seasoning. This involves coating the pan with oil and heating it to form a non-stick surface that lasts for years.

6. Keep It Clean…Naturally

Get stains off, even baked on ones, using natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, lemons, salt and boiling water. A combination of these will work every time.

7. Quality Not Quantity

Buy a smaller number of good quality pans rather than a cheaper ‘set of 20’ that won’t get used or last.

8. Smart Storage

Save space and keep pots and pans in top condition longer. Search online for DIY organizing ideas or invest in some simple racks and shelves.

9. Care and Maintenance

Different cookware requires different care and maintenance. Understand how to clean and maintain it for optimal results.

10. Use it Or Lose It

The more you cook, the better you will get to know how your cookware performs and if it’s right for you. If it isn’t, donate, swap or give it away and replace with something better.





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10 Top Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Cookware Infographic
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