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    How hot is hot? The World Famous Scoville Scale Chart for Hot Sauces and Hot Chile Peppers...
Learn to cook BBQ at home with Dr. BBQ Ray Lampe!


High River Sauces Presents the Chi-Town Hot Sauce Expo June 23 and 24, 2018


Save The Date. June 23 & 24, 2018. Toyota Park in the Chicago, IL area. It’s Going To Be A Party!!

Chicagoland Will Never Be the Same!

Come to Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL for this two-day Fiery Foods Festival to get the ultimate endorphin rush. The weekend promises to be like no other. The 1st Annual Chi-Town Hot Sauce Expo features FREE Hot Sauce Tastings from the BEST Hot Sauce Companies around the World, The Stage of DOOM, Booze & Infuse Cocktail Competition, Guinness Book of Records Reaper Eating Contest, Chihuahua Beauty Pageant, Craft Beers, Specialty Cocktails & So Much More!!

More details to come soon. Get the latest updates at https://www.facebook.com/chitownhotsauceexpo.

Gringo Bandito Releases 2017 Private Reserve Hot Sauce

gringo-bandido-reserve-2017Gringo Bandito has released the 2017 edition of their wildly popular Private Reserve hot sauce. Produced in a single batch, the sauce is bottled with a new label design and now available in Super Duper, Just Super and Cheapskate packages. The Private Reserve is always a huge success for Gringo Bandito, with its limited production selling out quickly.

Each year, the Private Reserve recipe is put together as a unique offering for Gringo Bandito’s dedicated customers and hot sauce enthusiasts alike. The recipe for 2017 heats up with a blend of award-winning blue agave tequila, lime juice, yellow habaneros and red fresnos. The “Super Duper” package includes an autographed bottle of the hot sauce in a unique stand up wooden pine box, a custom t-shirt, guitar picks and more. One lucky winner who purchases the $75 Super Duper package will win a one of a kind signed giclee print of this year’s label art.

Review – Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces, and Fiery Hot Mustard


The Mad Anthony product lineup, 2017, from left to right: Fiery Hot Mustard Sauce, Original Style BBQ Sauce, Original Hot Sauce, and XXXtra Private Reserve Hot Sauce.

As a few of you chileheads know, I was a huge Van Halen fan in a “past life.” I won’t bore you with how much I ate, breathed and slept the band (thankfully, not slept with the band) during my younger and leaner days. I will state, though, that even though my fanaticism for the mighty Van Halen has waned quite a bit as I’ve approached middle-age-hood, I’ve still carried over a bit of the “5150” spirit because of former VH bassist Michael Anthony‘s involvement in the hot sauce world.

One For My Baby, and One More For the Road…


Yeah, to many of you, this comes as absolutely no surprise.

After long, careful consideration, I’m going to officially end The Firecast Podcast after being dormant for a year and a half. That doesn’t mean that at some point I won’t sit down in front of a microphone again to record anything in the future. But the current run of episodes is officially ending.

If you’re a current subscriber to The Firecast’s feed, I may still post up other interviews I have done through other media sources, so the feed itself may not be completely dead.

Why Quit?

I could easily fill half of an encyclopedia on why I’m closing shop when it comes to this foodie podcast. Time, other interests (many of which are discussed over at my new blog), and…honestly, I feel that the overall camaraderie in the fiery foods world, the chile pepper community, and the hot sauce blogging community have deteriorated and made a…

The Brains Behind Madison Chocolatiers West Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For New Venture

natures-lift-chocolateNature’s Lift Chocolate, LLC
Announces launch of new products
Rebuild ~ Renew ~ Restore

The company has begun the process of bringing two new products to market.

Rock Hill, S.C.; June 24, 2017 – After year long testing and research, start up company, Nature’s Lift Chocolate is bringing to market a chocolate bar and cocoa powder mix that will rebuild, restore and renew your body.  Both products are all natural, non-gmo, organic, vegetarian, low in fat and sugar.  The cocoa powder mix is also…

Loaded Potato and Chicken Casserole Recipe – With a Spicy Twist

Loaded-Potato-and-Chicken-Casserole-RecipeThis extraordinary dish has been making the rounds lately. It’s a bit different than my Cheesy Chicken Potato Bake Recipe, so be sure to try both. With this Loaded Potato and Chicken Casserole recipe, it has a touch of spicy kick from the hot sauce, but this definitely will appeal to chileheads because I’ve added diced jalapeno chiles to the recipe. Enjoy!


Main Components:
2 lb boneless chicken breasts, cubed (1-inch)
8-10 medium potatoes, cut in 1/2-inch cubes…

Inferno Fest is Back, Heating Up the Chicago Area!



Highlights include assorted spicy food creations and Inferno Fest Eating Contest

HIGHWOOD, IL (JUNE 28, 2017) Celebrate Highwood is fired up to announce the return of Inferno Fest on Wednesday, June 28th, from 4:30-9:30pm in Everts Park (130 Highwood Avenue). Back by popular demand, Inferno Fest will test the taste buds of the most fearless food enthusiasts with the hottest and spiciest foods and beverages. For those worried they may not be able to handle the heat, have no fear, the event will take place in conjunction with all the fabulous vendors at the weekly Highwood Evening Gourmet Market.

The 2017 Spicy Flave Awards

the-flave-awardsThe International Flavor Awards, in conjunction with the people that bring you the Annual “Midwest Fiery Foods Fest/ Bacon, Brew & BBQ Fest” are excited to invite you to compete in this year’s Spicy Flave Awards. The Spicy Flave Awards are held annually to honor hot & spicy foods producers from a variety of product areas such as hot sauce, salsa, BBQ Sauce, wing sauces, mustards, condiments, pickled products, beverages and much more. Again this year, entries are just $50 per category entered, pay for 3 and get a 4th free or enter 5 products for $250 and get your 6th & 7th FREE. 1 place winners in each category receive a hand-blown glass award and 2nd & 3rd places receive extra-large multi-color ribbons! Take a look at the categories and rules here:


ALSO!! With your entry into the “Spicy Flave Awards” you’re given the opportunity to vend at the Midwest Fiery Foods Fest/ Bacon, Brew & BBQ Fest for FREE!!! You don’t need to attend the event to enter the contest. We feel this is an amazing and cost effective event that will allow companies the opportunity to introduce and sell products to attendees over the course of the weekend plus…

White Castle Adds New Hot Chicken Sliders

white-castle-hot-chicken-slidersCOLUMBUS, Ohio – White Castle is introducing the Hot Chicken Slider and Bacon & Smoked Chicken Slider to its summer menu. The spicy sliders will be available for a limited time at most White Castle restaurants from June 2 to July 31.

The Hot Chicken Slider is available either fried or grilled and is topped with hot sauce and fried pickles. The Bacon & Smoked Cheddar Chicken Slider features fried grilled chicken topped with cheddar cheese and hickory-smoked bacon.

These hot new chicken sliders join White Castle’s Crispy Chicken Breast Slider and Savory Grilled Chicken Slider.

2017 Screaming Mi MI Award Winners!

screaming-mi-mi-champion-dirty-dicks-hot-sauceThe Screaming Mi Mi Awards were announced this year at the 5th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo.

Grand Champion Winner!


Dirty Dicks Hot Sauce

In addition to the prestigious honor of being the 2017 Screaming Mi Mi Grand Champion, Dirty Dicks also won:

50 Case purchase from Peppers.com distribution
Hot Sauce featured in June subscription of Fuego Box
Full Page Ad in Chile Pepper Magazine
1 Year of Free banner advertising on the Official Scott Roberts website: www.scottrobertsweb.com
Free 10 x 10 Booth at the 2018 NYC Hot Sauce Expo (or another High River presenting Expo)

A Big Time Congrats To All of the 2017 Winners!!

The panel of Judges that include celebrity chefs from CBS, FOX & Food Networks, writers from Bon Appetit Magazine, Rachael Ray Magazine, Food Network Magazine, Huffington Post, NYC Newspapers, NYC Food Bloggers, Sirius XM Radio, NYC Chefs and other industry professionals.


Screaming Mi Mi Winners Full Listing…

Announcing…the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Class of 2017 Inductees!


Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Class of 2017

After a long period of anticipation, the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Foundation is very proud to announce the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Class of 2017. The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame will induct 4 people all of which have been very instrumental in the fiery foods, which will take place at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo on April 22nd and 23rd at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Brooklyn, NY.

This year’s group continues to celebrate and honor the biggest and brightest names in the industry. Here is your Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Class of 2017!

  1. Luther Hearn – Peppers: Luther has built one of the biggest distributors in the United States that specializes in Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce and Salsa. Peppers.com was one of the original websites to sell hot sauce and related products.
  2. Dave Lutes – Hot Shots Distribution: Dave was founder of Hot Shots Distribution. One of the original hot sauce distributors and one of the biggest. Still operating for almost 20 years.
  3. Wilber Scoville: Wilbur was an American pharmacist best known for his creation of the “Scoville Organoleptic Test”, now standardized as the Scoville Scale. He devised the test and scale in 1912 while working at the Parke-Davis pharmaceutical company to measure pungency, “spiciness” or “heat”, of various chile peppers based on the amount of the chemical capsaicin found in them.
  4. Buddy Taylor – Gator Hammock Hot Sauce: Buddy started this influencial hot sauce company in 1989. Buddy has created a full line of sauces that have won numerous awards within the fiery foods industry. With over 25 years in the business, his sauces are available nationwide.

The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony will be held on Saturday April 22nd  on the main stage of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo.  Inductees will receive a distinctive Red Jacket and a Hall of Fame Ring.

For More Information Please Contact Steve Seabury: steve@highriversauces.com
Info on the NYC Hot Sauce Expo: www.NYCHotSauceExpo.com

5 Days of Eating Clean BBQ

BBQ Portobello Mushroom Burgers with lemon

Acting parent for a fully grown up bearded man or a tattooed lady can he horrifying. I mean how I even start telling you on when to brush your teeth, how many tequila shots you should take, or even flush down the toilet when you are done with your business inside! Is that not downright appalling?

However, there is one thing I know I can never go wrong with, BBQ! Yeah, I SAID THAT…

Help Support Tasting the Heat!


Tasting The Heat is currently the best media show ANYWHERE that does hot sauce reviews, interviews and live shows for small batch gourmet hot sauce and spicy food makers. I consider Tasting the Heat host Kendall Stadler to be the man who is most suited for picking up the mantle once held by people like Brian & Marilyn Meagher and also myself with our various fiery foods industry podcasts and YouTube videos.

Kendall is currently raising money to help cover the costs of attending the New York Hot Sauce Expo, April 22 & 23-2017. This is one of THE premier fiery food events on the planet! If your’re a fan of Tasting The Heat, we’re sure you can easily imagine the excitement of being able to deliver live interviews with sauce and fiery food makers, as well as showcasing some of the products…

Zach’s Chili Challenge

ZCC-LogoZach is a fighter. After being diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma in 2008, he has since had two relapses and is currently battling this sneaky, nasty, disease called cancer. Zach is in his senior year of high school and while going through awful chemo and radiation treatments, he fights though, going to school full time all the while getting straight A’s! He got his driver’s license, he’s even the home coming king! Zach’s perseverance is an inspiration. Zach is asking you to Bring the Heat and Bring the Hope to Zach’s Chili Challenge and…