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Kids BBQ Championship Season 2 is Now Casting


Kids BBQ Championship, Food Network’s exciting culinary reality show, is coming back for a second season!

JS Casting is looking for the most talented kid grillers across the country. They are in search of young cooks who have what it takes to compete for the chance to win a grand prize. If your child is a cooking prodigy who can smoke the competition, they want to hear from you!

Apply now at www.JSCasting.com. For questions, please contact BBQKidsCasting@gmail.com.

Ok, Where’d the Podcasts Go?

Firecast Podcast I wish creating a new podcast episode would be as easy as pushing a button.

I get messages and emails every week about it. People want to know, “Scott, are you going to start up with Firecast Podcast episodes again?” The short answer is, I don’t know.

The long answer is that there is still quite a bit more I want to accomplish with having a fiery foods and BBQ podcast. I┬áhave slam-dunk ideas swimming around in my head, such as special guests to bring on to interview, more compelling conversation topics with my co-hort Ken Alexander, and concepts and subject I’m itching to cover.

The “problem” is…well, it’s messy and complicated.

I could very easily place blame on things that are going on in my life. Adjusting to a new job, spending more time with my woman and my boys, and a plethora of other little things honestly have taken more of my time.

But it would be unfair to make them all instant scapegoats. To be fair, I would also have to point the finger right back on little old me. If I really wanted to, I’m sure that I could “make” more time. Yet a certain level of apathy and lack of drive exists. I just don’t have the desire and motivation right now to sit down in my home office and recording room and crank out and edit a fresh few episodes.

The Website Has Been Redesigned!

scott-roberts-website-developerIt’s good practice to keep your website looking fresh and modern, no matter if you own a rinky-dink blog or a site that reaches millions of eyeballs everyday. As you may have noticed, ScottRobertsweb.com has gotten a sleak new design this past weekend!

Of course, I have to give the obligatory warning that “things may not be up to 100%” or “things may still have minor breaks here and there”, but the vast majority of the website should be full functional and ready for action. There is nothing drastically different about the new layout, so you really don’t have to “relearn” the website.

If you have any thoughts, let me know in the comments below. If you see anything egregious in regards to pages or sections that aren’t working correctly, please contact me, and I’ll try to get to fixing the issues as soon as I can.

Ten Years Later… My 9-11 Thoughts

American FlagEveryone above the age of 13 remembers where they were 10 years ago. 9/11 has become the “where were you when Kennedy was shot?” of our generation. Here’s my story…

I was working for Skywalker Communications, and it was an lovely, early Indian Summer day just like another. While doing whatever webmaster duties I was performing at the time, one of the middle-aged women in a cubicle a little ways away from me bounded into the cube alcove area in which my boss and I toiled and asked, “Did you hear? A plane just crashed into a skyscraper!”

“Really? Where?” I responded.

She replied with, “in New York City. It was one of the World Trade towers”…

Reminiscings About Monday Night Metal on KSHE

monday-night-metal-kshe-st-louisOne of the most influential (and fondest) forces in my “musical upbringing” was the Monday Night Metal show on KSHE 95 in St. Louis. It debuted in 1985 and came on Monday nights (and later Tuesday nights – more on that in a bit) at 10:00 PM, giving us hard-rock-loving devotees a 2-hour-long dose of ass-kicking heavy rock. Since by that time I was a teenager, so I was usually able to listen to most (if not all) of the program week after week.

The AOR-formatted KSHE in the mid-’80s rarely played anything that was truly heavy. Sure, we would get to hear some Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top or Van Halen, but even a Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, or Scorpions song was heard few and far between the usual lighter fare of Sugarloaf, The Moody Blues and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Heavy metal music was becoming big in the U.S. in ’83 and ’84, so I assume KSHE developed this radio show to cater to the throngs of new metalheads demanding more airplay of their favorite leather and spandex-clad groups.

Stalwart DJ “Radio” Rich Dalton handled the MNM hosting duties. He transformed in his “alter-ego”, “Radical” Rich. It was a joke on the radio station that no one supposedly knew that “Radio” Rich and “Radical” Rich were the one and the same person (of course, everyone in the listening audience knew better). Speaking in a gruff and insane “disguised” voice, “Radical” Rich humorously claimed to be broadcasting from his fictional, loony-bin “Fisher-Price” studio in the deserted town of Times Beach, Missouri as he spun records of both classic and up-and-coming metal bands…