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us-regional-bbq-sauce-styles-infographic-thumbnailAlthough there are no hard and fast rules, and U.S. geographic-based¬†barbecue sauce styles and flavor profiles can cross lines and get blurred, there are definitely some favorite types based on the regional of the country you’re in.

The following Regional BBQ Sauce Styles Infographic from Man Crates shows the basic formulas for what four or five different areas are most famous for, roughly based on the amounts of these ingredients: tomatoes, peppers, vinegar, mustard and sugar.

Sure there are many other unique styles of BBQ sauce (for instance, the white BBQ sauce of northern Alabama), but these are the most well-known blueprints for barbecued, saucy goodness that is slathered on smoked and seasoned meat right out of the pit, from Texas, Kansas City, Memphis, North Carolina and South Carolina.

While you peruse this infographic, I urge all BBQ novices to experiment with different styles and try their own, and see what best satisfied their own personal palettes.

Regional BBQ Sauce Styles Infographic


Regional BBQ Sauce Styles Infopgraphic courtesy of Man Crates.

Regional BBQ Sauce Styles Infographic
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