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how-to-smoke-meats-on-a-gas-or-charcoal-grill-infographic-thumbnailWe barbeque junkies know and appreciate the benefits of having wood smoke applied to our outdoor cooks. So much, in fact, that virtually all BBQ purists and aficionados don’t even consider it to be “real” ‘que unless the meat the slow-cooked meat gets a healthy dose of savory smoke flavor. If all you know is to set your charcoal or gas grill on “high” and blaze the heck out of your meat, then you’re missing out on the best of what BBQ has to offer.

Here is an outstanding infographic on how to cook with smoke on a gas or charcoal grill. Even veterans may glean something new from these excellent tips laid out before you. Enjoy!

Cooking With Smoke BBQ Infographic


Courtesy of http://www.northshorefireplace.com/about-us/smoking-gas-charcoal-grill

Cooking With Smoke BBQ Infographic
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