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A group of musicians that calls themselves The Overdub Tampering Committee (TOTC) has made a claim that, if true, will shake the P2P community to its core. According to TOTC, for the past four years they have added subtle overdubs to hundreds of songs that have been distributed on file-sharing networks and platforms including The Pirate Bay, Limewire, and OiNK. If this is correct, then potentially millions of downloads have TOTC’s mark on them.

The group has recently opened a blog and created their first post this past Sunday, which had the wild claim. The post also includes what’s, how’s, and why’s, plus a short round of FAQs explaining the group’s reasoning behind creating tampered music.

What little reaction I’ve seen so far has been predictably split down the middle between those who believe TOTC and those who think it’s a blatant hoax. Whatever the case, the idea of digitally modifying and then redistributing a large bulk of shared mp3s is an absolutely entertaining assertion that’s admittedly plausible. Personally, I’m skeptical on this one, but I am open to any tangible evidence this group might be able to provide to validate their claims.

The Overdub Tampering Committee’s Website

Has The Overdub Tampering Committee Been Modifying Songs on File-Sharing Networks?

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