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National Chili DayI’m always having to refer to my list of national food days that I have on this site, and I found out that today is National Chili Day! While October is “officially” National Chili Month and the first week of that month is National Chili Week, the fourth Thursday in February has been deemed to give the spicy meat stew it’s own special day!

And of course by “chili”, I am indeed referring to that delicious blend of spiced meat stew, and not chile peppers themselves. (The proper spelling of what we call capsicum peppers is an argument for another day.) So celebrate with a big bowl of Texas Red, or a tasty concoction of beef & beans, and enjoy one of the premier dishes in all of chiledom, chili!

While I’ve never posted my personal recipe for my ultimate chili, here is a Rapidfire Chili Rcipe that takes no time at all, uses minimal ingredients, and is sure to please most folks!

In an episode of the Firecast podcast last year, I spoke to two-time WorldChili Cookoff Champ Cindy Reed Wilkins.


It’s National Chili Day!

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