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My Atkins Diet - Weeks Two and Three

Yes, I have been truckin’ along on my weight loss/fat loss journey using the Atkins method. I have been on it since Monday, February 3rd; and although it’s been extremely difficult at times, it has proven to be very successful.

I’ve since lost another 6 lbs. since my last report, allowing me to hit the “magic” 170-pound mark, and enabling me to wear a pants size below the one I had currently been weighing.

Not bad for doing no exercise at all. Again, just like I said in my previous post at the Week One point, it at times has been tough beyond what I had ever anticipated.  I can imagine those of you with any types of addictions (smoking or what have you) can sympathize with the situation, because the old diet was so ingrained in my lifestyle that it’s been excruciating to give up.  There has been no pizza, no bread, no potatoes, no fruit and no sweets.

Hot sauce has been a huge boast to my meal-consuming spirits because of the intense spice and flavor it can impart to foods, especially when the variety of meats and green vegetables that I’m allowed to eat can leave a lot to be desired. Not to mention, because of my two jobs and virtually no time to cook, it always seems like it has to be meals of the “grab and go” type. Hot sauce is the big savior here.

Since I’ve pretty much reached a point where it’s not a good idea for me to lose much more weight, I’m going to make adjustments and slowly introduce more carbs back into my diet.

More to come…

My Atkins Diet - Weeks Two and Three

My Atkins Diet - Weeks Two and Three

My Atkins Diet - Weeks Two and Three

Scott’s Atkins Diet Journey – Weeks Two and Three

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