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ghost-pepper-bhut-jolokia-pumpkin-spice-coffee-recipeWe’re fast approaching my favorite time of the year – Autumn. Yeah, yeah, I know – you probably don’t want to hear for the umpteenth time of why Fall is so great. Nor do a lot of you care about the annual resurgence of pumpkin spiced food items.

Well, I happen to love pumpkin spice (and wish it were available year ’round, just like egg nog), and for those of you who also do, I’ve gone back in time 5 years and and unearthed a recipe I made for an excellent Ghost Pepper Pumpkin Spice Coffee for the original video version of the Weekly Firecast.


This is a good, sweet, creamy, spicy blend of java that’s perfect for both coffee lovers and chileheads for an Autumn morning. Enjoy this Ghost Pepper Pumpkin Spice Coffee Recipe:

Rewind: Ghost Pepper Pumpkin Spice Coffee Recipe
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