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Are We in the Midst of a Hot Sauce Blog Renaissance?Nearly two years ago, it was suggested on The Hot Zone Online by Joe and Linda Levinson that the chilehead blogging world was entering a slow-down period. At the time, I agreed with their assessment. And subsequently because of the cooling-off, it lit a fire under me to focus more of my little blog’s focus on my spicy food obsession than other topics (in hindsight, it proved to be a wise decision because previously my subject matter was all over the map).

Since then, newer blogs have burst onto the hot sauce scene. Sure, a few sites have already dropped off the radar, a couple are rarely updated and have grown stagnant (’tis the nature of the interwebs), but there are now more quality chile pepper and fiery foods-focused blogs than I can ever recall. As a huge fan of many of these web destinations, I am ecstatic, for I can feed my spicy cravings with more reviews, news, photos and commentary virtually every day without skipping a beat.

Even more exciting is the prospect of Nick Lindauer re-introducing the original Hot Sauce Blog, something hinted at when Doug Spiros of Peppers and More and I recently talked to him.

Additionally, the amount of hot sauce and chile pepper eating videos has exploded. Just look at YouTube and do a search for “ghost pepper”, for example, and you’ll find enough entertainment (some better than others) to fill your next several evenings.

What do YOU think? Are we entering a new “golden age” of chilehead blogs with real substance, or is the hot sauce landscape pretty much the same as it ever was?

The Newer Crop

Here are some younger hot sauce blogs I’ve recently come across. With consistent and regular updates, I think they have real potential to become great resources:

The Blog of Burn
Link: http://blogofburn.blogspot.com

Hot Sauce Addict

Chile Bomb

Update 10/5/10: 2 Hot 2 Eat

Previously Suggested Sites

Thrice I’ve made lists of a smattering of my favorite blogs, forums and general informational websites that fit in the fiery foods paradigm:

Hot Sauce and Hot Pepper Sites You Should Not Miss

Peppers and More – http://www.peppersandmore.com

The Hot Pepper Forums – http://www.thehotpepper.com

Hot Sauce Daily – http://www.hotsaucedaily.com

The Hot Zone Online – http://www.thehotzoneonline.com

Taste the Fear – http://www.tastethefear.com

Fiery Foods – http://www.fiery-foods.com

More Hot Sauce and Hot Pepper Sites You Should Visit

The Chile Foundry – http://www.chilefoundry.co.uk

Mex Grocer Blog – http://blog.mexgrocer.com

Eat More Heat – http://www.eatmoreheat.com

The Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast – http://www.hotsauceweekly.com

TheChileMan.Org – http://www.thechileman.org

Newer Hot Sauce Chile Pepper Blogs to Be On the Lookout For in 2010

Hot Sauce Guru – http://www.hotsauceguru.com

Good Hurts – http://goodhurts.blogspot.com

Fresh Hot Sauce – http://www.freshhotsauce.com

I Love It Spicy – http://www.iloveitspicy.com

The Chilli Review – http://www.thechillireview.co.uk

Are We in the Midst of a Hot Sauce Blog Renaissance?
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