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FIX Kick Starter Lemongrass Sriracha SauceI’m absolutely flooded with requests from burgeoning hot sauce companies to promote their fundraising campaigns such as Kickstarter. I get at least four or five requests per month from people and sauces I’ve never heard of asking me to plug their stuff.

Sorry, that ain’t happening. Unless I know your product(s) and your company, that is something I refuse to do.

In the case of Fix Hot Sauce, however, I am more than pleased to give them a shout-out with their Kickstarter campaign. Why? Because their regular red sriracha sauce is the best sriracha sauce I’ve ever eaten. The stuff is outstanding. And I want to give aid to any and all struggling businesses with products I belive in.

Now the fine folks at Fix Hot Sauce want to expand their product line to include a green-colored lemongrass sriracha sauce. This new condiment has a slightly more earthy and brighter tone, with a fresh lemongrass and citrus flavor. The sauce uses special organic green chile peppers that originated in Vietnam. This new lemongrass sriracha is slated to be released early in 2017.

Sound good? Do yourself a favor and visit Fix Hot Sauce’s Kickstarter page and consider helping out one of the most promising new sauce makers in the fiery foods biz…now!



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Why You Should Donate to the Fix Sriracha Sauce Kickstarter Campaign
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