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If you’ve paid close attention to my blog the past couple of years, you know I’m a fan of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and his clever 10-Minute Cooking School series that appear in the bonus features of his DVD and Blu-Ray flicks. I loved his recipes covering his delectable Puerco Pibil and spicy Sin City Breakfast Tacos.

This latest installment is from the latest special edition of his Planet Terror release: Texas BBQ. Thank the Lord…Rodriguez doesn’t screw it up! Although I disagree with them about a few minor things – his disdain of pork ribs; his way-too-basic beef rub (Nine parts black pepper and one part salt? Is that all?) – but he demonstrates some very accurate rudimentary knowledge of how to smoke low n’ slow some brisket and beef ribs. Watch this and you’ll see one of the best and all-around coolest writer/directors in the entertainment biz who honestly knows a thing or two about food:

Robert Rodriguez’s 10-Minute Cooking School: Texas BBQ

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