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name-hereSeems like every time you turn around these days there’s a new hot sauce-flavored snack product. It just goes to show you the widespread acceptance of spiciness into the mainstream.

The results thus far have been so-so. There have been a few chips and snacks with substantial taste and heat, while others are lamentably terrible.

Which brings us to the latest spicy munchable- a pairing of two well-known brands: Cholula and Jack Links. I’ve regraded Cholula as one of my most beloved hot sauces of all time, despite it being a mass-produced fiery foods product. Jack Link’s makes some acceptable jerky, enough to satisfy my palette as a beef jerky connoisseur. So there may be good things available under the name Jack Link’s Cholula Hot Sauce-flavored Beef Jerky.

This new product is available in a 3.25-ounce resealable bag and has a suggested retail price of $5.99. The flavors include a combination of often-used term “secret spices,” pequin and arbol peppers.

“The combination of these premium brands and iconic flavors resonate well with our consumers and are a natural fit in quality and reputation,” stated Kevin Papacek, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Brand Manager of Innovation. “Jack Link’s new Cholula hot sauce beef jerky provides consumers with convenience, satiety, protein and guilt-free snacking, all wrapped up in the flavor and heat of Cholula’s hot sauce.”

Jack Link’s Cholula Hot Sauce-Flavored Beef Jerky

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