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More Hot Sauce and Hot Pepper Sites You Should Visit.Earlier this year I listed what I thought were essential hot sauce and hot pepper sites from which you could get solid information and weren’t necessarily shopping websites. In a never-ending quest for more and more worthwhile chile-centric content, I present to you a few more additions that are worth bookmarking and paying regular visits..

The Chile Foundry

This UK site is easily one of the most updated spicy food websites around (often multiple times daily), I can see this quickly becoming a chilehead favorite not just in the UK, but in any English-speaking country on this big blue orb we call home. Good reviews and news coverage.

Link: http://www.chilefoundry.co.uk

Mex Grocer Blog

This one is co-authored by Dave DeWitt and shines the light on cuisine from South of the Border, with a lot of interesting recipes. Although Dave has a blog at his main site of fiery-foods.com, it actually appears that he updates this blog more frequently. And while the regular http://www.mexgrocer.com is an online store, the content on the Mex Grocer Blog doesn’t always contain blatant advertisements for the products sold on their online store, save for some links in the recipe ingredient lists. Not the most chile/hot sauce-focused site on the web, but it’s still worth a look.

Link: http://blog.mexgrocer.com

Eat More Heat

One of the best new blogs to debut this year is James Beck’s EatMoreHeat.com. It started out as the review arm of Dave DeWitt’s Fiery-Foods.com, it has grown into so much more. James stays on top of things in the spicy food world, so make sure you check out his site daily.

Disclosure: I occasionally write guest reviews for this blog.

Link: http://www.eatmoreheat.com

The Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast

I’m a hardcore podcast listener, and have been for around five years. Finally, there’s a weekly audio podcast devoted to hot sauces and hot foods. Contains interviews with manufacturers, hot sauce news, and more. This show promises to grow and expand and in my opinion turn into something really special for the whole chilehead community. Although I do sauce and condiment reviews for this podcast, I would probably still feel this way even if I wasn’t involved.

Link: http://www.hotsauceweekly.com


This online destination is a must if you’re into hot peppers. TheChileMan.org contains the largest database of chiles anywhere on the web, so if you’re looking for identification info on a particular pod, this would be a good place to start. It’s also a great way to kill a couple of hours, surfing the different pages and discovering things you never knew before about specific cultivars.

Link: http://www.thechileman.org

More Hot Sauce and Hot Pepper Sites You Should Visit

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