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I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined another podcast. This is one that I’ve been a fan of for a couple of years…it’s the weekly The BBQ Central Radio Show, hosted by none other than Greg Rempe. I made my debut on last night’s live episode, and I will be returning monthly for a segment where I will be reviewing barbecue sauces, rubs and seasonings and sometimes hot sauces. As of now, I’ll be tentatively scheduled on the first or second Tuesday of the month, depending on what date it falls on (there will be more clarification on the dates as they approach).

Last night’s show I covered Chef Hymie Grande’s Cascabel Express Barbecue Glaze, Outta the Park BBQ Sauce and Christopher Creek Pork Rub.

To listen to the February 9, 2010 edition of the BBQ Central Show, you can click here to download the MP3.

Even if you’re not huge into backyard grilling or barbecueing, The BBQ Central Show is still a very enjoyable and fun listen. You can Subscribe via iTunes or you can Subscribe to the RSS Feed with MP3 for listening on your computer or non-iPod MP3 player.

And don’t forget that you can still listen to me give a weekly hot sauce review on Brian Meagher’s excellent Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast.

Hear Me Monthly On The BBQ Central Radio Show

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