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danish-classical-orchaestra-eat-the-worlds-hottest-chile-peppersDo they make it, or do they crash and burn? Here is a video of classical orchestra play after eating the world’s hottest chile peppers.

It’s the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing “Tango Jalousie” while eating the some very pungent peppers. At first, I wondered if they were indeed using Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper which as of this writing is the current world’s hottest pepper. But then I learned that the orchestra was conducted by Chili Klaus, who is a Danish chile pepper enthusiast, so my confidence rose a little. Even if the orchestra didn’t use Carolina Reapers, and instead used the slightly more-available Trinidad Scorpion chile peppers (the previous world’s hottest), the effects would have been about the same.


Classical Orchestra Play After Eating the World’s Hottest Chile Peppers