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We’re Moving…and Will Be Back Soon! – Scott Roberts Hot Sauce, BBQ and Spicy Food Blog
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We're Moving...and Will Be Back Soon!Greetings blog readers! This post is serving as a gentle reminder that my boys and I will be moving into a new house this weekend. Added to the chaos surrounding this is that we will not have home internet access until it is installed sometime next week. Because of this, as you can probably guess, there will not be any new blog posts for several days, no new Ultilmate Hot Sauce Showdown matches, and no new Weekly Firecast episodes arriving in your RSS feeds out this weekend. Probably most disappointing of all, we will be unable to make the trek to Columbus, Ohio to attend ZestFest Midwest (so I wish all of my compadres in the chilehead world a hugely successful and fun weekend there in the Buckeye State!). Life keeps rolling along, and we look forward towards the future and to bigger and brighter things!

We’re Moving…and Will Be Back Soon!

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