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Need to cook some vegetables in the kitchen, but don’t know exactly how long to cook them? Here’s a handy cheat sheet for boiling, steaming and microwaving veggies.

Times may slightly vary for those living in high elevations.

[table param1=”param-value1″ param2=”param-value2″ caption=”Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet” colalign=”left|center|center|center”]
Asparagus,Not Recommended,8-10 min,2-4 min
Beans,6-8 min,5-8 min,3-4 min
Beetroot,30-60 min,40-60 min,9-12 min
Broccoli,4-6 min,5-6 min,2-3 min
Brussels Spouts, Bring to boil and simmer for 5-7 min,8-10 min,4-6 min
Cabbage (shredded),5-10 min,5-8 min,5-6 min
Carrots (sliced),5-10 min,4-5 min,4-5 min
Cauliflower,4-6 min,3-5 min,5-6 min
Chile Peppers,Not Recommended,2-4 min,2-3 min
Corn (on the cob),5-8 min,4-7 min, 1.5-2 min
Eggplant (sliced),Not Recommended,5-6 min,2-4 min
Mushrooms,Not Recommended,4-5 min,2-3 min
Peas,8-12 min,4-5 min,2-3 min
Potatoes (cut),15-20 min,10-12 min,6-8 min
Spinach,2-5 min,5-6 min,1-2 min
Zucchini,3-5 min,4-6 min,2-3 min

Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet