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Chile PeppersAfter listing Hot Sauce and Hot Pepper Sites You Should Not Miss and More Hot Sauce and Hot Pepper Sites You Should Visit, one would figure that there could not conceivably be any additional chile blogs on the web. Not on your life! As the fiery foods industry continues to grow, so do fan sites exhorting their most beloved spicy products.

Hot Sauce Guru – (http://www.hotsauceguru.com)
I met and hung out with the “Hot Sauce Guru” himself, Mike Wilbur, at the Fiery Foods Show a few weeks ago. Mike and his brother and partner-in-crime Josh, aka “Hot Sauce Virgin”, tackle various pepper sauces and peppers themselves on video. Mike as of late had uploaded several short n’ sweet video clips from the FFS that are well worth watching.

Good Hurts – (http://goodhurts.blogspot.com)
Good Hurts blogger Russell is an English teacher from Iowa, and shows that anyone can be a pepperhead. In the six months of the site’s life, Russell has already reviewed an impressive array of hot sauces and foods with a unique writing style and angle that I love. Good Hurts is good stuff.

Fresh Hot Sauce – (http://www.freshhotsauce.com)
Ted Whittemore presents a thorough yet easy-to-follow perspective on his blog, simply titled Fresh Hot Sauce. I imagine a segment of hardcore chileheads may take a gander at some of the reviews of common, readily-available sauces such as Tabasco and Cholula and consider this to be of little interest. I on the other hand, see a lot of potential; and to his credit, Ted is as of late featuring more specialty (and better tasting) sauces such as Benito’s Hot Sauces.

I Love It Spicy – (http://www.iloveitspicy.com)
Full disclosure here: I am the webmaster and also one of the contributors to this blog. Well-known sauce reviewer Al “Buddah” Goldenberg has spearheaded this blog which will focus on both user-created video and multi-person reviews done on camera. Thus far there’s been exclusive coverage from Columbus, Ohio’s North Market Fiery Food Festival and the Fiery Foods & BBQ Show from Albuquerque, New Mexico in the form of contest coverage and “man on the street”-style hot sauce reviews. Sure, I may be saying this partially because I have a vested interest in I Love It Spicy, but I honestly think there’s big potential in this site. We’ll view how it progresses in the coming months.

The Chilli Review – (http://www.thechillireview.co.uk)
This technically is not a “blog” in the strictest sense of the term, but I had to stick this on the list. The Chilli Review is a WordPress-based site that pulls in feeds from a couple of dozen chile pepper, hot sauce and spicy food sites from around the world. I conjured the idea of doing something similar to this about a year ago, where a central “hub” website that would display the latest posts from my frequently visited chile blogs, sort of like a mega-RSS reader. David “Hot Juan” Floyd of the UK’s Chile Foundry has done a crackerjack job of dealing with the technical specifics on the backend to make this work. This is definitely one to bookmark, especially if you need a good jumping off point to see what’s happening on your favorite fiery online destinations.

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