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david-floydA bit late with news this month from the UK, we had a quick family holiday, but we did use the evening to taste some sauces, the results coming up next month.

So what has been happening at the ChileFoundry since my last report,
well we reported on a number of local UK suppliers
Dartmoor Chilli Farmincluding the Dartmoor Chilli Farm who are taking an Organic and
Holistic view on growing Chillies and the Cambridge Chilli Farm whose
Raspberry and Chilli Jam had a rave review for us by ChilliPepperPete

We also reviewed The Chilli Jam Man’s Oak Smoked Garlic
& Chipotle Jam
, The Chilli Pepper Company’s Dragon’s
which was a Caribbean Style Hot Sauce that has been made
with fresh Bhut Jolokia chillies. The Marie Sharps Grapefruit Pulp
Habanero Pepper Sauce was reviewed by Darth Naga and he was very
impressed of the combination.

This months recipes included Birds Eye and Banana Chutney and a very British Chilli Chocolate Tiffin, and we found what
we think we can call a British chilli spice mix “Pickling

We also heard this month of what could be a new variety of Naga, the Black
, which has been found in a field in Nagaland (North Eastern
India) and shipped to importer ChilliPepperPete.

Chocolate Chilli AleIn Britain we like our warm beer and it has just got a whole lot warmer, with one of our
regional Brewers producing Cockleroaster (don’t ask me to explain
this, I am not sure it translates well). The St. Austell Brewery
worked with the South Devon Chilli Farm to perfect this and have
launched in in the South West of England (Near where we are based), so
we hope to taste it soon.

From Oxford University there is a development that could bring simple Scoville testing
out of the laboratory
and into the hands of small manufacturers
and growers around the world.

Otherwise we are seeming lots of re-branded and new products pouring
into the office to be reviewed from all the major suppliers, we have
over 100 products in the schedule at the moment, with more arriving
each day, it is going to be a good year.

P.S. Want a Chilli app for your iPhone/Ipod Touch see http://www.chilefoundry.co.uk/?p=4964.

Letter From the UK – February 2010

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