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interactive-scoville-scale-chartUK kitchen appliance store Appliance City has put together a pretty cool interactive Periodic Table of the world’s hottest chile peppers based on their ranking in the Scoville Heat Scale.

The periodic table has been sanctioned by my friend Jon Whaley of the Scoville Food Institute, who has been using this clever science-themed method for categorizing peppers for years.

Now, not only has this chart been made interactive, but also put into a larger, chile-themed page that is essentially an “infographic on steroids”, with additional information on some of the top UK chileheads, a map detailing some of the hot sauce and chile providers around the world, some top chile recipes and the best sites and blogs (the last of which I am honored that scottrobertsweb.com is listed in).

You can visit this page here: http://www.appliancecity.co.uk/chilli/

Interactive Periodic Table of the World’s Hottest Chile Peppers
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