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hot-to-make-hot-sauce-2It is very easy to make a good, homemade hot sauce.

Even though virtually all chile pepper sauces have a base combination of peppers and vinegar, you can add all kinds of ingredients to a hot sauce. The possibilities are endless! Just a smattering of comparable components to add to the aforementioned two ingredients:

  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Fresh Mango
  • Salt
  • Sweet Peppers

Below is the simple photography of a basic hot sauce, which is almost like a thinner-viscosity pepper mash.

We start with vegetables galore…


I also made Giardinera and used quite a variety of peppers and vegetables.



Okay, it’s time to make some simply, homemade hot sauce…


The peppers that will go into the hot sauce: numerous cayennes and a couple of orange habaneros.



The homemade hot sauce will end up having a dominant cayenne taste and heat (which most chileheads will agree has a very nice, pleasing, and basic taste and medium heat level), with just a little amount of added fire from the habaneros.

homemade-hot-sauce-7 - cutting and cleaning the chile peppers

The chiles getting washed and cut, and ready for the boil!

hot-to-make-chile-pepper-sauce-8 boiling peppers

Boiling up the peppers and garlic in vinegar, for about 20 minutes. The smell at this point is very pungent and starts to fill the kitchen!

making-home-made-hot-sauce-9 blending and processing chile peppers

The chile peppers boiled, ready for the blender. Guard your nose – you won’t want to breath this in directly!

tutorial-hot-to-make-homemade-hot-sauce-10 blending and processing the peppers

Blended up – very nice consistency and a gorgeous bright orange color.

guide-hot-to-make-homemade-pepper-sauce-11 pouring pepper mash

You end up with a very vibrant color. Here, the sauce is funneled into a re-purposed hot sauce bottle.

If you wish to do this yourself, please play around and add different veggies and spices, and have fun!


Homemade Hot Sauce!