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chilli-farm-iphone-appNeed something that will identify chile peppers on the go? Well, Stefan Wallington sponsored by the South Devon Chilli Farm (SDCF), both from the UK, have whipped up an iPhone app that contains a small database containing information and photos on various chiles plus loads of recipes. Called Chilli Farm, it sells for 99 cents in Apple’s App Store.

I admittedly have not personally bought this yet, and my pre-purchase take on this is that since iPhones can internet access wherever there is coverage, you can simply surf to various websites to obtain this information (especially The Chileman or my own Scoville Scale). Still, the convenience of having all the data in one place coupled with the fact that this most likely leaps and bounds faster than reaching the web with 3G speeds probably outweighs the one dollar price tag.

To get it, just search for ChilliFarm made by SW Comms Ltd or click here.

Thanks to The Chile Foundry for bringing this to my attention.

Chile Pepper iPhone App – ChilliFarm