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scoville-scale-chart-for-hot-chile-peppers-and-hot-saucesWhew! I’ve been making numerous fixes, updates and changes to the world’s largest Scoville Scale Chart Database for Hot Sauces and Chile Peppers. This is the first time I’ve really updated this page since I updated the blog template last year, so it’s a long overdue fix!

Lots of the tweaks and revisions are “behind the scenes” in the chart code as it grabs info from the database, as well as stylistic modifications. I have added several new chile peppers, numerous photos of peppers and sauces that were absent, plus a truckload of descriptions.  I’m in the home stretch of finishing this up, but if you still see something that is a glaring omission or see something that is broken, contact me and let me know!

See the Scoville Scale Chart now!

I’d also like to give a big shout-out to Michael Hultquist of Chili Pepper Madness and Jim Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles for providing both images and descriptions of many of the chile peppers listed.

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Scoville Scale Updates and Fixes

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