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I’ve written a list of my viewpoints and preferences on several serious and trivial subjects so that you may get a better idea of who the “real” Scott is. As a contrast, I’ve also created an “Anti-Scott”, who would be the complete opposite of me…

Scott and Anti-Scott

Topic/Subject Scott Anti-Scott
Cola Pepsi Coke
Shirts Short-sleeve, pull-over Long-sleeve, button-up
Digital Rights Management (DRM) Against, only inconveniences consumers For
Clothes T-Shirt and jeans Sweaters/dress shirts and khakis
God Exists Doesn’t exist
Economics Capitalism Socialism
Sport Football Soccer
Polictial Party Independent Democrat/Republican
Software Open source Closed source
Pet Dog Cat
Special Effects Models and blue/green screens CGI
Political Persuasion Conservative Liberal
Developing Viewpoints/Opinions Investigates several sources, draws my own conclusions Blindly follows one philosophy or one group
Speech Freedom of speech Political correctness and speech censorship
Candy Twizzlers Jolly Ranchers
Government in Citizens’ Lives Libertarianism Authoritarianism
Breasts Natural Silicone
Coffee Cream and sweetner Black
View of Blacks, Hispanics, and Other Minorities Equal to whites, therefore they should have the same opportunities and limitations as whites Eternally victims, therefore they should have preferential treatment
Food Meat and Potatoes Soup and Salad
Method of Helping the Downtrodden Empowerment – help people help themselves Entitlement – let them rely on government for everything
CGI Animation Company Pixar Dreamworks
9/11 Al-Qaeda behind it Bush Administration behind it
Music Rock Hip-Hop/Rap
Musical Performance Played live by actual musicians Electronic/pre-recorded parts
Nuclear Weapons Absolutely horrible, but a necessary deterrent Absolutely horrible, and should be eliminated
Ice Cream Flavor Vanilla Chocolate
Terrorism/Islamic Extremism Exists Completely fabricated by facist neocons
Movie Trilogy Star Wars Lord of the Rings

Scott and Anti-Scott

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