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trader joe's habanero-pistachiosAfter eating a few Trader Joe’s Habanero Pistachios, they rapidly became an addictive snack. I am definitely not a nut fan (with a few rare exceptions), but these babies are so good they just might change my mind…

Here’s the lowdown on these delectable little spiced nuts…

Pistachios, habanero dust, salt, hint of lime

4 out of 5. A very light, non-descript peppery smell. A hint of salt is noticeable, also.

Appearance and Texture:
3.5 out of 5. The tan pistachio shells are lightly covered in a fine, orange, habanero dust and salt coating:

Trader Joe's Habanero Pistachios

Most of the flavoring is on the shells and not the pistachio nuts themselves. But unlike red-dyed pistachios, you won’t get a heavy coating of orange stained on your fingertips. A quick wipe with a napkin will take care of any yucky residue.

Trader Joe's Habanero Pistachios

5 out of 5. Delicious and spicy, these nuts have a superb taste. I do not care for plain pistachios, but these hit the spot. The bit of habanero dusting gives them a nice kick. There’s just the right amount of salt, too. These do not have a dark, bitter, or overpowering flavor like some other spiced snacks I’ve tried. I advise you to portion these out before eating or else you might devour three-fourths of the bag before you realize it.

If you love sucking on the shells (God only knows why you would do such a thing), you’ll get the brunt of the heat. If you’re like me and consume only the nuts inside, I would rate the warmth a respectable 2.5 on a scale of 1 to 5. May be a tad too hot for the non-Chilehead.

1 out of 5. Not much to rave about on this one. Since Trader Joe’s regularly stocks and rotates 50+ different bags of dried fruits and nuts in a store on any given day, it looks like they just quickly assembly-lined the bag design. Features cheap, cartoon-looking drawings which barely resemble leaves and peppers; the graphic art person probably didn’t know that habaneros are short, round chiles, and not the long, slender variety pictured on the bag.

These habanero-spiced nuts from Trader Joe’s rock, plain and simple. If you can take some scalding on your tongue then you’ve love these. They’re available in 16 oz. bags from a Trader Joe’s near you. If you’re not sure where a store is, you can have a look on their website’s locator: http://www.traderjoes.com/locations.asp.

Review – Trader Joe’s Habanero Pistachios
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