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Hot Heads Pepperspread Hoppin Jalapeno Spread

I’m going to forgo a long introduction and say that Hot Heads Pepperspread Hoppin Jalapeno Spread is a great, all-purpose fiery product that you could use in place of most any general hot sauce, pepper relish or salsa.

Jalapeno peppers, onions, vinegar, salt, garlic, lime juice, sugar, spices

3.5 out of 5. I detected some relatively prominent smells such as vinegar and onions to give it a nice relish-like aroma, but the jalapeno peppers give it a bit of depth.

Appearance and Texture:
4 out of 5. Hoppin’ Jalapeno has a good, natural color from the peppers. The finely diced ingredients contain the right amount of moisture to be able to spread or spoon out with ease. One aspect I like is that the watery juice never separates from the jalapeno, onion and garlic pieces, so it’s constantly mixed. Just knife or spoon some of this stuff out of the jar and you’re good to go.

Hot Heads Pepperspread Hoppin Jalapeno Spread

Taste Straight Up:
4 out of 5. No frills flavor. This is a simple way of getting a good jalapeno pepper taste with just the right amounts of onions and vinegar tartness.

Taste With Food:
4 out of 5. I put several dollops of Hoppin’ Jalapeno on a queso burrito. Delicious! The pepper spread provided an addition to the tortilla and cheese. As basic as the meal was it was all you would need for a quick peppery lunch.

Hot Heads Pepperspread Hoppin Jalapeno Spread

Suggested Uses:
What COULDN’T this be put on? Burgers, hot dogs, nachos, enchiladas, grilled meats, pizza, omelets and more. Try some yourself, and you may find that you will go through a jar of this like water.

Surprisingly hot for a jalapeno product. While it’s not going to blow your doors off in terms of heat, it would rate a cozy warm 2 on a scale of 1 to 5. For reference, it’s a little hotter than popular pickled jalapeno slices. Non-pepperheads would find this is a great way to add chile flavor and heat. If you’re heat freak, use it to battle bland.

4.5 out of 5. Clean, modern and appealing. I’d pick this up in a retail store just from the look of the graphic design.

Thumbs up from me. To learn more or to contact Hot Heads, mosey on over to http://www.pepperspread.com.

Review – Hot Heads Hoppin Jalapeno Pepperspread

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