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A ginormous THANK YOU to everyone who has downloaded, listened to and subscribed to The Firecast Hot Sauce & BBQ Podcast! It’s a pure blast putting together the episodes and chatting with the coolest people in fiery foods and outdoor cooking; it is always fun, educational and inspirational. Because your support, The Firecast is now averaging over 10,000 downloads per episode, making it by far the top show of its kind on the internet covering our chile pepper-fueled passion! I am honored and humbled to have you all as its listeners.

But the podcast enjoyment needn’t stop there. The parent network to which The Firecast belongs, the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network, is a vast amalgamation of great podcast shows covering a broad number of topics, from TV, movies and entertainment, to mixed martial arts to poker to pets and animals to cars in pop culture!

Here is just a sampling of what’s available at your fingertips for fun listening:

Agents of SHIELD PodcastThe Agents of SHIELD Podcast – hosted by Mike Wilkerson and I, this is a week-by-week review of the ABC TV program, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. As Marvel’s sphere of influence and quality continues to grow in on the silver screen with this year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy and next year’s The Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron, this is the television glue that holds all the Marvel Cinematic Universe all together!

188x188-2gtc-mopars-in-movies-go-button2GuysTalking Cars – is a complete and detailed review of the best cars, trucks & vehicles in television and movie history. Whether you’re a movie buff, a gearhead or just appreciate all things with wheels, you’ll appreciate the high-octane discussion every episode! Consider a few of the recent episodes: “The Best MOPAR Vehicles In TV And Movie History!“, “Batmobiles“, and “The Top 5 Mustangs From TV & Movies“, and you’ll get a taste for fantastic motor-revving discussion!

Animal Wise America Pet Veterinarian Podcast The Animal Wise America Podcast – I’m a big dog lover, and, well, I hate tolerate cats. 😉 Anyway, the Animal Wise America Podcast, hosted by veterinarian Dr. Tara Brooks, is a show that is more than just a simple pet discussion. With talk about dogs, cats, birds, fish, snakes, horses, lizards, and more, you’ll find outstanding animal-centric conversation you won’t get anywhere else.


2guystalking MMA Podcast

2GuysTalkingMMA – Mixed Martial Arts, Interviews, Education & Fun! – I know many of you guys are MMA fans of all kinds, so this particular podcast would be of interest to you. Hosts Mike Wilkerson and Jeremy Johnson cover the hard-hitting action of Fox Sports 1’s The Ultimate Fighter and more in this fast-paced program.


Here are the latest episodes available on the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.

How Can I Listen to a Podcast Show?

  • First off, you don’t need an iPod (or an equivalent MP3 player) to listen to a podcast!
  • It’s also not a live program, so it is not some type of “online radio” show that streams nor is it a “webcast”.

The podcasts appearing on the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network can be listened to on virtually any digital device, and can be heard at your convenience morning, noon, or night!

hot-girl-ear-budsDigital Devices? You betcha! So that means that you can hear any of the great programming mentioned above on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, any iOS, Android or Windows smartphone, MP3 player, and even on some of the advanced reading devices like Kindles. Think of it being similar to audiobooks but with regularly-released shows on a broad range of topics.

Any time of day? Anywhere you go? Yes! I love the portability of podcasts, and the fact that you can listen while you’re in your cubicle at work, while you’re working out at the gym, going for a walk, while you’re gardening, while you’re doing housework, or anywhere else. One of my favorite ways of digesting podcasts is to listen while I’m on my commute in the car. For several years, it has replaced boring, repetitious, terrestrial radio as my listening material of choice while I’m stuck in rush hour traffic or going on long trips.

There are three main ways of getting podcasts from the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network:

  1. Listen right then and there by using the handy online player on any of the episode posts.  Just click on the triangular “play” icon and you’re good to go on any computer, tablet or smartphone!
  2. Download the mp3 file directly. All of 2GuysTalking‘s shows can be saved on your computer’s hard drive for enjoying later.
  3. Subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed. We provide handy links for both, and iTunes and numerous podcasting apps for both iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Windows phones will automatically download new episodes for you!

Many thousands of hours of stellar listening are waiting for you, so head over to the main 2GuysTalking website right now!

Lotsa Great Listening Content Outside of Fiery Foods!

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