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I Want Your Announcements, News and Press Releases! – Scott Roberts Hot Sauce, BBQ and Spicy Food Blog
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steve-and-lisa-seabury-with-scott-roberts-press-releasesI’ll begin this post by saying that Steve Seabury, owner of High River Sauces and producer of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, “gets it”.

I’ve singled Seabury out as a stellar example of someone who not only is a well-liked member of the specialty food community, but also someone who knows how to effectively market himself and his efforts to heights achieved by few others in the fiery foods industry.

Yes, there are a dozen and one ways to market yourself in today’s multi-pronged society, and I urge everyone to pursue every avenue they can. Yet there exists a scarcely-utilized method of promotion that few in the hot sauce or BBQ world even think about: the press release.

Without fail, Seabury will send press releases and news for all of his ventures. He truly understands the effectiveness that a well-written and info-packed news blast can give him and his business. I urge a lot more of you to do the same!

I want to post up any news, announcements, press releases, events, contest wins, or anything that would be of great interest to the bulk of national fiery foods and BBQ fans!

I’ll promote my blog post to numerous chilehead groups, my own Facebook page with 5,250+ likes, my 23,000+ Twitter followers, and numerous other pages, groups and social media accounts.

There are a couple of things I ask that you do when submitting any type of info to me:

  1. Please write a few sentences introducing yourself and describing the goods or services you provide. Believe me, this will make you seem like an approachable human, and not as some impersonal jerk who “cold calls” or spams me an email with no explanation or description, when you should instead take a few minutes of your time to craft a personal message.
  2. No Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaigns. Read this link is you are even tempted or think that you might be exempt from this rule: A Few Quick Thoughts on Kickstarter Campaigns. Seriously.

I truly want to help out our industry and lot of very deserving small businesses. The more word we get out, the stronger we will be as a whole. So send in your press releases and announcements to my email address at scott (at) scottrobertsweb.com (and not my Twitter account, LinkedIn account, etc.).

I cannot guarantee that I will put up every submission, but I will do my best to post up and promote the best and most pertinent content. Thanks, everyone!


I Want Your Announcements, News and Press Releases!

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