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Yes, Halloween was last week, but that doesn’t mean that the celebrating has to be over.  In fact, any time of the year is a great time for admiring creative costumes, more specifically ones based on hot sauce AND worn by attractive females!

Costumes in the style of Taco Bell hot sauce packets seem to have been the big rage, while Sriracha sauce bottle costumes are gaining in popularity.

So if you want to see cute girls in hot outfits based in chile pepper sauces, hear you go! Enjoy. 😉

Kate Upton in a sexy Tabasco CostumeTaco Bell Halloween Costume  kate_upton_tabasco-outfit hot-girls-tabasco-costumes cute-babes-in-taco-bell-packet-outfits-for-halloween coolest-tabasco-sauce-halloween-costume taco_bell_sauce_packets4 tabasco-crystal-louisiana-hot-sauce-tony-chacheres-zatarains-slap-ya-mamas-costumes-hot-girls taco-sauce-packet-costume-outfits girl-in-sriracha-costume taco_bell_sauce_packets1 taco_bell_sauce_packets taco_bell_sauce_packets5 hot-girls-tabasco-costumes funny-costume-taco-bell-hot-sauce sexy-hot-girls-hot-sauce-packet-costumes taco-bell-sauces-sexy beautiful-girls-taco-bell-costumes-for-halloween taco-bell-sauce-packets sexy-taco-bell-sauce-costumes huy-fong-rooster-sauce-cotume-cute-girl tabasco-costume-womens-halloween

costume-taco-bell-hot-sauce hot-girls-taco-bell-hot-sauce-halloween sriracha-costume-cute-girl taco-bell-sauce-packets-hot-women taco_bell_sauce_packets3 taco-bell-sauces-12746-800x721 taco-bell-sauces-hot-girls

Hot Girls in Hot Sauce Costumes
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2 thoughts on “Hot Girls in Hot Sauce Costumes

  • November 3, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    I love the last three girls. I’d love to put some sauce on their tacos! Lol

  • September 22, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    🙂 Thanks Scott. I get the ones in lovely Pantyhose! 🙂


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