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Where did all the reviews go
Alright, you’ve got Scott cornered!

Longtime ScottRobertsWeb.com readers have probably noticed the lack of new product reviews. I ‘fess up! I fully admit I’ve been severely slacking on my duties as a fiery foods blogger by not having scribed a written review in months.

I could use any number of reasons from my repertoire grab-bag of excuses – some of them may be legitimate, quasi-legit, or downright silly:

  • I’m backed up with products
  • I recently moved to a new house
  • My nightly work schedule prevents me from cooking several, savory dinners on which to try new pepper sauces, BBQ sauces and rubs.
  • The dog ate my homework, er, hot sauce!

And while three of those four those excuses (guess which ones!) may have had a bit of validity to them at some point, I cannot hide behind them any longer. The real reason I have not done any written reviews in a while is because of this:

I simply de-prioritized reviewing. I put other things ahead of this, such as audio podcasting. It’s not that I don’t care anymore about reviewing spicy food products, but it’s just that everything else is more important than that right now.

There.  I said it.

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Now that I’ve admitted that fact, I have two additional things to say. One, I apologize to the fine, hard-working folks and companies who have submitted their products in hopes that I would to a write-up for them and haven’t.  Two (and this may be a bit of relief to the aforementioned spicy food companies), I still do plan to get back full force into doing written reviews! When? I cannot say, although I have a brand new one in the works for this week! N’yuk n’yuk n’yuk (does that give you a hint?) !

But wait…I have been doing product reviews all along!

Despite having said all of that, I have been doing product reviews…AUDIO reviews. Specifically, for the Weekly Firecast Podcast and the BBQ Central Radio Show.

During its 46 (and counting) episode run, I’ve been doing spoken word reviews for the vast majority of Weekly Firecast episodes. A few times, I’ve covered entire product lines, such as for Bigfat’s Hot Sauces, Sizzlin’ Sauces and Karma Sauces. Peruse the Weekly Firecast show archives for my thoughts on dozens of different sauces, condiments, seasonings and even spicy snacks.

And for more than three years I’ve been providing Greg Rempe’s BBQ Central Radio Show with reviews of three barbecue-related food products – both sauces and rubs – during my monthly guest appearances as the “official” reviewer. They, too, have been preserved for posterity in podcast format and can be found at the BBQ Central Show website, although it may be a bit more arduous of a task to find my specific appearances.

So don’t forget these two places in which to mine little nuggets of opinion I have about some of the best – and worst – fiery food and BBQ flavor enhancers in the world!

Hey Scott, Where’d All the Product Reviews Go?