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It’s kind of cool to see the growing awareness of the ghost chili (AKA as the naga/bhut jolokia), the world’s hottest chile pepper, in the mainstream consciousness. One of the strangest ways has to be it’s presence in the Facebook app Farmville. My wife had come across the option in the program (I don’t play it myself) where you can choose what items to plant and grow on your virtual farm, and lo and behold here were these spicy little beauties. My better half had not yet reached a high enough level to purchase and raise the fiery crops, but it was interesting nonetheless to see them in the game. I’m guessing one or more of the developers of the app is a chilehead.

There are also regular bell peppers and generic chile peppers available as crops as well.

According to the latest numbers, Farmville has 69 million active users and counting. Yipes. That’s a lot of people this dangerously hot ghost chile pepper will be exposed to.

Ghost Chili in Facebook's Farmville

Ghost Chili in Facebook’s Farmville

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