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jon-and-garfield-spoofHave you always loved the antics of Garfield, the lasagna-loving cat? Yeah, me neither. Here are a few links that poke fun at the ridiculously unfunny comic:

Remove that wisecracking orange feline from every frame of the comic strip and you get Garfield Minus Garfield. It’s amusing to see Garfield’s owner, Jon Arbuckle, turn into a lonely, depressed, schizophrenic man who has conversations with thin air.

Realfield borrows from that last idea and pushes it further by replacing Garfield with a real, non-talking cat. Jon is even more psychopathically sad in this one.

My favorite is the Garfield Randomizer, where three random frames from Garfield cartoons are generated in succession. Both surreal and goofy, these are funnier and make just about as much sense as any real Garfield comic strip.

Lastly, things get taken to an extremely bizarre level with Lasagna Cat. Actors dress up as the Garfield characters in costumes and act out actual strips that have run in the past.

Garfield Comic Spoofs

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