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Designer Mac Funamizu has come up with a concept device where all you would have to do is point it at a builiding or word, and with GPS or some type of OCR technology it will tell you instantly what it is:

Google Futuristic DeviceIf you don’t know what Google could do in the future life, you should check out this concept design.

This design is shaped like a normal frame. However it is a portable Google device which could search information based on real objects. Just frame the aimed object – such as one strange building – in the device, it could get and display information on the transparent multi-touch screen. If you need any detailed data, just target the picture like iPhone. Moreover, it could also be used to search words while reading and provide the GPS information for traveling.

Wow, you’re surprised? I believe that all the description will come true IN THE FUTURE.


Futuristic Google Device

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