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Hot-Bites-007-YouTube-Flavor-Vs-FireIt was five minutes to recording time, and I gave up with this topic off the top of my head.  I give you my humble thoughts on why flavor in hot sauce is always more important than the amount of heat, and how both hot sauce users and hot sauce manufacturers.

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Flavor VS. Fire – A Word of Advice to Hot Sauce Fans & Makers – Tasty Hot Bites #7 Video

One thought on “Flavor VS. Fire – A Word of Advice to Hot Sauce Fans & Makers – Tasty Hot Bites #7 Video

  • October 25, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Scott from Lucky Dog Hot Sauce here – I couldn’t agree more. It’s why I started making sauce in the first place – 11 years ago all I could find were salt/vinegar/pepper sauces or extract-based melt your face off sauces. I wanted more complex flavor with a respectable but not food-ruining level of heat.

    It seems like we’re living in a hot sauce renaissance these days – so many great companies out there making complex flavor profiles.

    Peppers are hot already – if people just want hot that’s easy: chop up a fresh pod & sprinkle it on the food.


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