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There is a gradual introduction of hot and spicy foods in industry segments such as fast food restaurants and snack chips. You can get “spicy” chicken sandwiches, buffalo and habanero flavors, and even newer franchises (Chipotle and Qdoba, to name a couple) that cater a bit more to flavor-adventurous crowds.

Do you think this is a positive thing or a negative thing? You may think it’s good, because it slowly acclimates society to being more open to spicier and hotter flavors. Or you may think it’s bad, because the heat level in these foods may seem “watered down” to chileheads, and you may believe it’s doing a great disservice to those who love truly spicy foods. What do you think?

December 2009 Poll: Is the Trend of Spicy Fast Foods and Snack Foods Good or Bad?

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