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Out of the 52 people who entered the “>Complete Chile Pepper Book Contest, six answered all 4 questions correctly. These peoples’ names were put into a cup and were chosen at random. Here is my oldest son picking out the winner:

Thanks for everyone who entered!

If you’re wondering what the answers to the questions were, here they are:

1. What is the most widely grown pepper in the world? Answer: Bell Peppers (capsicim annuum).

2. What explorer is credited for first calling chiles “peppers”? Answer: Christopher Columbus.

3. In what city and state is the Chile Pepper Institute located? Answer: Las Cruces, New Mexico.

4. What chemical compound makes chile peppers taste hot? Answer: Capsaicin.

Even if you didn’t win, you can tell pick up a copy of Bosland and DeWitt’s The Complete Chile Pepper Book at Amazon. It makes a fantastic gift for gardeners, chileheads and hot sauce fanatics alike.


Chile Pepper Book Contest Drawing – Winner Announced!
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