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CaptureFox Add-on
CaptureFox is a cool new Firefox extension that can record your screen movements and voice (through a microphone, of course) to create screencasts. It’s great for producing videos for on-screen demos, lessons and tutorials. Just in case you’re wondering, this add-on will record any activity or program displayed on your computer, and not specifically within the Firefox window. The only set-back with this is that you must start the program in Firefox – so if you want to create a video that doesn’t involve an internet browser (say, like a Photoshop tutorial) you’ll have to get a video editing program to clip out the first few frames.

While it’s still very much in development, it’s simple to use and works with no problems on my PC (as of this writing this only works in XP and Vista). CaptureFox outputs your video in AVI format and lets you adjust the video quality.


CaptureFox Records Your Screen and Voice in Firefox to Create Videos