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What is the true cost of a healthy lifestyle? Does it cost more to go out to eat or stay home and make dinner? The answer may surprise you.

Now I will continue to go out to dinner and enjoy what a restaurant can offer, but purchasing food at home can be both cheaper and healthier for you. Here’s a handy infographic on food costs in the U.S. and the true cost of a healthy lifestyle.


Average Daily Food Cost In The U.S.
Milk, regular (0.25 liter): $0.23
Loaf of Fresh White Bread: $125g
Local Cheese (0.10kg): $1.07
Chicken Breasts Boneless, Skinless (0.15kg): $1.32
Banana (.25kg): $0.40
Oranges (0.30kg): $1.21
Onion (0.10kg): $0.26
Rice, white (0.10kg): $0.37
Eggs (2.4): $0.55
Beef Round (0.15kg): $180
Apples (0.30kg): $1.28
Potato (.20kg): $0.52
Tomato (0.20kg): $0.81
Lettuce (0.20 head): $0.32
Daily recommended minimum amount of food per person = $10.76

Eating Out Vs Staying In

Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant $12.00
Meal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) $7.00
3 Course Meal For 2, Mid-Range Restaurant: $50

Home Cooked Meal: $3.58

Cost Of Unhealthy Drinks vs Water

Domestic Beer (.5 liter draft)
Imported Beer (.33 liter bottle)
Capuccino (regular): $3.83
Coke/Pepsi (.33 liter bottle): $1.72
Water (.33 liter bottle): $1.38

The Average Cost of A Gym Membership: $38.13

Sources: Numbeo.com

Infographic courtesy of http://www.personalincome.org/healthy-lifestyle-cost/

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The True Cost of A Healthy Lifestyle
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