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Charted Cheese Wheel Infographic

From all corners of the globe comes an infographic of 65 delightful cheeses, assembled into one wondrous wheel. The cheeses are broken down by the animal from which the milk is produced, the softness and hardness of the delicious dairy products, and shows the color and texture of each cheese.

Click the image below to see a mega-size infographic in detail. And if you want a poster-size print of the cheese wheel chart, you can purchase one at Pop Chart Lab starting at $29


Guide to Most Popular Hot Sauces Infographic

Love ’em or hate ’em, you’ve gotta respect them. The most popular brands like Frank’s RedHot, Tabasco, Cholula, Crystal, Huy Fong Sriracha, Texas Pete, and Huy Fong Sambal Oelek have risen to prominence and have dominated the hot sauce world i n recent years. Here is a handy infographic on the Guide to Most Popular Hot Sauces Infographic. Enjoy. 🙂

Guide to Most Popular Hot Sauces Infographic

Click to view larger image:



Interactive Periodic Table of the World’s Hottest Chile Peppers

interactive-scoville-scale-chartUK kitchen appliance store Appliance City has put together a pretty cool interactive Periodic Table of the world’s hottest chile peppers based on their ranking in the Scoville Heat Scale.

The periodic table has been sanctioned by my friend Jon Whaley of the Scoville Food Institute, who has been using this clever science-themed method for categorizing peppers for years.

Now, not only has this chart been made interactive, but also…

Spice It Up With Latino Sauces Infographic

Our friends south of the border have been using chiles and salsas for centuries to enhance the flavor of their meals.

Que Rica Vida recently shared an infographic covering seven popular Latino sauces that can be used to enhance everyday meals.

Most of the sauces use chile peppers, but as Que Rica Vida says, “Many of the most popular Latin sauces are spicy and have a strong defined flavor… just like our culture.”

Click on the infographic below to get a larger view:

Sauce and Pepper: 7 of our Favorite Latino Sauces

Infographic courtesy of http://www.quericavida.com/en/what-is-rico/sauce-and-pepper-7-of-our-favorite-latino-sauces/

Spicy Foods Infographic – The World’s Most Favorite Spiciest Foods

spicy-foods-inforgraphicYou’ve seen these ginormous infographics containing dozens of facts on this topic and that topic, but here is a rare infographic that contains lots of info on spicy foods and chile peppers. Most of the information is true, while a few things are kind of head-scratchingly incomplete; it states that the “World’s hottest chiles are grown in different parts of Australia”…yeah they are, but they are also grown in many other parts of the world.

Anywho, enjoy this short visual tour through the wonderful world of fiery foods…