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Thanks to Robert “Parker” Bates for pointing this one out.

This laugh out loud comedy is a battle of the sexes at a ghetto bus stop, where a Voodoo Mama (Bilonda Mfunyi) destroys the family jewels of a sexual bully (Rhys Ifans) by using Voodoo Mama Hot sauce. All is at stake in this fun battle over his balls.
voodoo-mama-hot-sauce-advert“Do you have the balls for it?”

Voodoo Mama Hot Sauce is a short film that plays off as a fake advertisement starring Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill, Mr. Nice, Harry Potter) and Bilonda Mfunyi Tshiabu.

You can contact the director Marcus Kuhne at twinklebang@marcusjk.com


Voodoo Mama: Bilonda Mfunyi

Dirty Bully: Rhys Ifans

Directed and written by: Marcus Kuhne

Produced by: Forrest Rogers Ivan wood Marcus Kuhne

Voodoo Mama Hot Sauce Commercial