Scott Roberts' Blogroll and Links

Here's a list of great links that might be of interest to you:

Food Sites and Blogs

   Aji Chombo - a chile pepper blog
   Chile Bomb - a newer chile pepper/hot sauce blog
   The Chilli Forum - a newer chile pepper forum
   The Chile Foundry - one of the best UK blogs
   Chile Underground - general food blog, occasional spicy coverage
   Chile Pepper Institute - the Official Website of New Mexico State University's CPI
   Coffeehouse Journal - general food blog with loads of spicy coverage
   Eat More Heat - spicy food blog
   Fiery Foods and BBQ SuperSite - Dave DeWitt's massive website and blog
   Fresh Hot Sauce - a newer hot sauce blog
   Good Hurts Blog - a newer hot sauce blog
   GrubGrade - a great blog that centered mostly around fast food and convenience food
   The Hot Pepper Forums - great forum with lots of chile pepper discussion
   Hot Sauce Addict - a newer hot sauce blog
   Hot Sauce Daily - excellent blog about spicy food and BBQ
   Hot Sauce Guru - good video blog
   Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast - Audio podcast show centered around hot sauce, spicy food and BBQ
   The Hot Zone Online - one of the oldest and best fiery foods blogs
   I Love It Spicy - good video blog, frequently updated
   Mex Grocer - Mexican food blog, lot of good postings
   Peppers and More - excellent, frequently updated blog with lots of hot sauce and spicy food reviews and coverage
   So Good Blog - good, all-around food blog
   The Smoky Chipotle - decent chipotle and spicy food coverage
   Zlamushka’s Spicy Kitchen - sometimes interesting cooking blog maintained by an incredibly hot Danish       woman named Zlamushka

Other Sites and Blogs

   Dominica Bay Rum - California-Antilles Trading
   John Nemec
   My Wise Generation
   Striving After Wind
   Bloggers Bug

Scott's Site Links

   Scott Roberts' ClaimID Page
   Scott Roberts' LinkedIn Page
   Scott Roberts' Twitter Page
   Scott Roberts Project Central - The Roberts Family St. Louis, MO
   The VH Trade Site
   Chilepedia Poject
   Babe Battle - head to head photo battles between two babes

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