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Spicy Three Pepper Sauce is a condiment at QSR roast beef giant ARBY’s that was been in development over 10 years ago and is now in a good number of stores across the U.S.. I rarely go inside ARBY’s restaurant themselves, but when I last did I came across the spicy sauce among their other sauces on the condiment bar. Of course, you know ol’ Scotty had to try it!

ARBY's Spicy Three Pepper Sauce

The Spicy 3 Pepper Sauce is a dark, quasi-creamy red liquid with far more density and substance than, say, a Tabasco Pepper Sauce. It is thin and pourable enough for dipping and slathering on sandwiches, yet is sticky enough with a consistency of most commercial wing sauces.

ARBY's Spicy Three Pepper Sauce

The taste? Very, very good. Surprisingly good. A quick Google search does not uncover any ingredients list (not surprising for a fast food product), but there’s definitely a good deal of tomato-like sweetness present. The peppers are dialed up enough in the flavor harmony enough to get a formidable hit from a non-descriptive chile burst, yet it stays subdued enough not to be able to distinguish what three peppers are being used. My guess is that cayenne and paprika are included.

ARBY's Spicy Three Pepper Sauce

As you can expect, the heat is geared for the masses. Translation: it’s not very spicy. But with the rich taste, there are very few complaints from me in that department.

I thought ARBY’s Spicy 3 Pepper Sauce was excellent on my Loaded Potato Bites. If there was anything that would go well with this side, it would be this lovely dipping condiment. I tried it on my French Dip Sub as well. Not as spectacular as on the Potato Bites, but still yummy.

Unfortunately from what I gather, the Spicy 3 Pepper Sauce is not available in to-go packets of any kind, and can only be acquired by actually dining in and getting it for yourself at the condiment bar. I supposed an option if you’re wanting to take some with you as carry-out is to walk inside and request a to-go cup with a lid and fill it yourself. Whatever the case, I recommend this rare semi-spicy treat from a fast food chain.

Overall: 4.5 stars

Review – ARBY’s Spicy Three Pepper Sauce
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  • GulfCoastRick

    I tried the spicy three pepper sauce for the first time today and instantly fell in love with wonderful flavor!
    As Scott alluded, my hot spice tolerance and preferance is a little higher on the scale, but it doesn’t skew my opinion of this most flavorful sauce.
    Arby’s should market this sauce in tabasco size bottles on the grocery shelves. I would purchase a couple bottles in a heart beat!

    • Andrew in Florida

      Spicy Three Pepper is somewhat similar to Taco Bell’s Fire Sauce (which seems to be more mild than their “Hot sauce” with similar flavor and heat). You can pick up the Taco Bell Fire Sauce for about $2.01 at Walmart site-to-store. Fire is a little more skewed toward taco seasoning, but the boldness, light heat, and tang (vinnegar I’d guess) is about the same.

  • Randall Hunt

    If only they’d made Fargo after this sauce came out…

  • Andrew in Florida

    I’ve seen to-go packets of Spice Three-Pepper Sauce. They aren’t typically set out in stores, but on drive-though I usually get a cashier to throw in a handful. I always joke that I love it because “Spicy Three Pepper” was my nick-name in high-school. (Yeah, I know. That makes no sense. However, it’s fun to see people try to work it out. 😛 )