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Are you feeling bummed that you won’t get to attend this year’s Fiery Foods and BBQ Show? Here’s something that might lift your fiery spirits – I’m having a contest that’s open for those who are stuck at home or work during the FFS. This is a cool little giveaway that will include the following as the hot sauce prize pack for the winner:

Giveaway Contest Hot Sauce Prize PackLouisiana Gold Gift Pack – this special 4-pack from Louisiana Brand Hot
Sauces contains these sauces:

• Louisiana Gold Red Sauce
• Louisiana Gold Green Sauce
• Louisiana Gold Wasabi Sauce
• Louisiana Gold Horseradish Sauce

Sista All-Natural Pepper Sauce – an all-around good, smooth fiery
pepper sauce.

Blair’s Ultra Death Hot Sauce – this is Blair’s hottest in his Death Sauce lineup, and
is the 20/20 version that commemorates his 20th anniversary in the business and is 20% hotter than normal.

Danny Cash Naga Sabi Bomb – contains both naga jolokias and wasabi and is punctuated by a nice malt vinegar flair.

Chuao Chocolatier Spicy Maya Hot Chocolate Mix

Just Simply Good Seasoning Sample Pack – includes:

• Prime Rib Rub
• Beyond the Border
• Mediterranean Medley

How to Play

Sometime on Saturday, March 6, I will be be posting a video of
myself holding a sign
. Written on that sign will be a phrase. To
enter the contest, you must type that phrase EXACTLY how it is written
on the sign and send it to me in an
. Correct entries will collected, and one winner will be
chosen at random sometime the following week after I return home.
They will win the prize pack described above. It’s that simple.

Oh yeah, here are a few other smaller details. This contest is open
to anyone in the world, not just the United States. Attendees and
exhibitors at the 2010 National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show are NOT
eligible. Winners of past contests on ScottRobertsWeb.com are also not
eligible. Entries must be typed identically to the phrase on the
sign, including capitalization and punctuation, and also must include
the entrants’ first & last name, physical mailing address, and phone
number. Since not all of you will be free on Saturday in front of a
computer, I will be accepting entries up to 11:59 pm Central Time on
Sunday March 7th. Any entries received after that will be ineligible.

So good luck, and again don’t forget to check back on this site on
Friday, March 5 or Saturday, March 6th to see what time I will be
posting the video.

While you’re at it, you can also check ScottRobertsWeb.com, ILoveItSpicy.com and PeppersAndMore.com for Fiery
Foods Show updates and good general chile pepper and spicy foods info.
I will also be posting photos and updates to my Twitter account.

Can’t Make it to the Fiery Foods Show? Here’s a Contest Giveaway Just For You
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