AOL’s This Built America Series Features McIlhenny Co’s TABASCO

this-built-america-tabasco-mcilhennyAvery Island, Louisiana (October 21, 2014) – This week, TABASCO and their iconic sauce represent Louisiana on AOL’s This Built America editorial series. You may know where the legendary TABASCO sauce is made, but do you know how it’s made?

With three simple ingredients – and a lot of patience – TABASCO’s owners, the McIlhenny family…

Scoville Scale Updates and Fixes

scoville-scale-chart-for-hot-chile-peppers-and-hot-saucesWhew! I’ve been making numerous fixes, updates and changes to the world’s largest Scoville Scale Chart Database for Hot Sauces and Chile Peppers. This is the first time I’ve really updated this page since I updated the blog template last year, so it’s a long overdue fix!

Lots of the tweaks and revisions are “behind the scenes” in the chart code as it grabs info from the database, as well as stylistic modifications. I have added several new chile peppers, numerous photos of peppers and sauces that were absent, plus a truckload of descriptions.  I’m in the home stretch of finishing this up, but if you still see something that is a glaring omission or see something that is broken, contact me and let me know!

See the Scoville Scale Chart now!

I’d also like to give a big shout-out to Michael Hultquist of Chili Pepper Madness and Jim Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles for providing both images and descriptions of many of the chile peppers listed.

Taco Bell Tests Sriracha Flavored Items

taco-bell-sriracha-menuTaco Bell tests out Sriracha sauce menu to tap into spice-loving cult following.

NEW YORK (AP) — Want to take a run for the border but wind up in Bangkok?

Taco Bell is testing a new menu that promises just that, looking to tap into the cult following for the red Thai hot sauce known as Sriracha.

The Mexican-themed chain said the menu is being tested at more than 70 restaurants in the Kansas City area. The selections appear to be menu standards like nachos and tacos, except with the hot sauce mixed in.

The test is the latest sign that Americans are embracing spicier flavors, with Subway also rolling out a sandwich with the red, chili-garlic-flavored sauce last year.

Taco Bell, which is owned by Yum Brands Inc., has been on a strong run since rolling out its Dorito-flavored tacos in 2012. Since then, it has looked to build on the success with a variety of new offerings, including snacks intended to draw customers during slower hours.

2015 Chilehead Calendar of Events Updates


I’ve recently added a handful of firm dates of hot sauce shows, spicy food festivals, and other chile pepper-related events around the United States occurring in 2015 on my Hot Sauce/Chilehead Events and Festivals Calendar page.

Several years ago, as a service to the chilehead nation, I started listing most of the major national and regional fiery foods trade shows, conventions, hot sauce events and chile pepper festivals in North America.

If you have any confirmed dates for any large-scale events that aren’t listed on the Calendar page, please contact me with all the pertinent details: website, dates, times, and anything else you can scrounge up about it, and I’ll add it as soon as I can.  Thanks!

Poll: What is Your Favorite Mass-Produced Hot Sauce in America?


Although mainstream websites have expanded their hot sauce coverage by having loads of “best of” lists, we chileheads can sometimes be exasperated by the exclusion of some of highly flavorful artisan sauce makers in their articles. It’s understandable that the average joe has not heard of Heartbreaking Dawns, CaJohn’s, Ring of Fire, or Race City Sauce Works, just to name a few, as the target audience for whom they write needs to recognize most, if not all, their brands.

So to take a little spin of an approach on this, I’m am asking you, the knowledgeable sauce fanatics, to pick what you think is the best of the nationally-known, mass-produced, household-name pepper sauces that are found in most grocery store shelves in America?

Guy Fieri Random Quote Generator


What can you say about Food Network host and chef Guy Fieri that already hasn’t been written a thousand times? The spiked, peroxide-dyed cooking personality is an endearing figure with a larger-than-life, boisterous “dude” quality to some, and an annoying tool to others. Love him or loathe him (or maybe just tolerate him to watch the mouth-watering pig-out food on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives), he’s never at a loss for words when describing the culinary marvels of others or even those that he himself has concocted.

For those of you craving these words of wisdom from Guy, you’re in luck! I’ve built this Guy Fiery Random Quote Generator for your enjoyment! Now you can pilot your own bus on your way to Flavortown with these quippy catchphrases whenever the needs calls for it…

Lotsa Great Listening Content Outside of Fiery Foods!


A ginormous THANK YOU to everyone who has downloaded, listened to and subscribed to The Firecast Hot Sauce & BBQ Podcast! It’s a pure blast putting together the episodes and chatting with the coolest people in fiery foods and outdoor cooking; it is always fun, educational and inspirational. Because your support, The Firecast is now averaging over 10,000 downloads per episode, making it by far the top show of its kind on the internet covering our chile pepper-fueled passion! I am honored and humbled to have you all as its listeners.

But the podcast enjoyment needn’t stop there. The parent network to which The Firecast belongs, the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network, is a vast amalgamation of great podcast shows covering a broad number of topics, from TV, movies and entertainment, to mixed martial arts to poker to pets and animals to cars in pop culture!

Here is just a sampling of what’s available at your fingertips for fun listening…

Firecast Podcast Episode #64 – Interview with Sam Peters of Patter Fam Sauces, Plus Scott Lists His Most Hated and Overrated Foods

firecast-podcast-ep-64-sam-peters-patter-fam-sauces-plus-hated-overrated-foodsListen Instantly!

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Firecast Podcast Episode #64 – Interview with Sam Peters of Patter Fam Sauces, Plus Scott Lists His Most Hated and Overrated Foods

Ohio-based pastor and sauce maker Sam Peters of Patter Fam Sauces drops by via the Skype hotline and gives Scott an exclusive announcement, and talks about his quality product line of condiments and spicy foods. Scott also lists out want he thinks are his personal most despised foods or overrated foods in Western cuisine.

For his product review, Scott gives his honest opinion on K-Sauce Brand K1 Hot Sauce.

Links mentioned in the episode:

You can get Pastor Sam’s inspirational books and cookbooks at the following places:

This book is packed with over 40 of my favorite tailgate recipes and drinks all made with Patter Fam Sauces.

This cookbook includes over 40 great recipes for the hunter and angler camp chef.  Also includes several amusing outdoor stories to read around the campfire.

This is a great cookbook for the fall and winter family get togethers.

It’s Time: How to Make Positive Changes in Your,,,
This is Pastor Sam’s latest popular book for any person in a position of leadership or just wanting to get unstuck from the humdrum existence they’re putting up with.

Life Changing Wisdom (ebook or print) –,,
An inspirational look at the wisdom found in Solomon’s writing of Proverbs chapter 3.

God Wants You To Be Debt Free (ebook or print) –,,
Pastor Sam’s popular book on stewardship and managing your money from God’s perspective.

My Vietnam Vision (ebook only) –,,
An amusing Ebook based on my journey to Vietnam in the spring of 2014.

Other Links:

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13 Delicious Chicken Tenders Recipes

Do you have some boneless chicken breasts (either whole or in the sliced “tenders” form), and are in the need for a different style of cooking them? Here’s a compilation of totally killer chicken tender recipes that I’ve had up my sleeve and saved for insertion into my blog for months.

I cannot take the credit for gathering these at all; that would have been the work of a “noah12345678987654321″ on the imgur image site on his post here.

Let me just tell you, for a world of vastly different flavors of breaded chicken tenders with some stellar textures, these following recipes are “FTW” all the way!

So here are 13 Delicious Chicken Tenders (with cooking instructions and ingredient lists)


Aleppo Chile Pepper Review – Tasty Hot Bites #6 Video

Aleppo Chile Pepper Review - Tasty Hot Bites #6 VideoScott tries out the mild Aleppo pepper. Does he find it flavorful and worth cooking with? Watch to find out.

The pepper is courtesy of Jim Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles, found at

The Official Scott Roberts Website:

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Fireproof Movie Hot Sauce Drinking Scene

fireproof-movie-hot-sauce-drinking-sceneI only just recently caught the Christian marriage-themed movie Fireproof, so I was unable of this particular scene until now. I know us chileheads and hot sauce fanatics like to see how the general populace views us and our fiery activities, so I thought this hot sauce drinking game scene would be of interest to many of you.

Watch the scene in the video below.

Firecast Podcast Episode #63 – Scott Chats with Michael Radosevich of Code 3 Spices, Plus Salsa Talk

Scott Chats with Michael Radosevich of Code 3 Spices, Plus Salsa TalkListen Instantly!

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The Firecast with Scott Roberts: Firecast Podcast Episode #63 – Scott Chats with Michael Radosevich of Code 3 Spices, Plus Salsa Talk

St. Louis area BBQ Rub Maker Mike Radosevich of Code 3 Spices talks about how he and his business partner Chris Bohnemeier came up with their different seasoning combinations and how they want to help raise awareness for first responders and military personnel through their products.

Ken Alexander and Scott engage in a conversation of all things salsa.

For his product review, Scott tries out Chelsea Fire Wicked Hot Sauce.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Other Links:

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3rd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo

September 29th, 2014

New York’s own High River Sauces, proudly presents the 3rd Annual 2015 NYC Hot Sauce Expo. One of the most buzzed about food festivals in the country this year’s Expo will feature 45 different award winning hot sauce companies from various parts of the word.Complimented with free hot sauce tastings, craft beer, eating challenges, spicy food vendors, cooking demos, this year’s Expo will provide plenty of odd ball entertainment fun for the whole family.

April 24th & 25th
Brooklyn Expo Center
79 Franklin St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222


With record crowds expected this year, the NYC Hot Sauce Expo promises to be one for the ages. With world record challenges, the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame induction ceremony and the prestigious Screaming Mi Mi Awards Show, one of the highest achievements you can be honored within the hot sauce industry. This year’s Expo will set the stage.

Mark your calendars and get ready for best 2 days of the year with the ultimate out of this world endorphin rush. The weekend promises to be packed with fellow chile heads, spicy food lovers and the BEST DAMN Hot Sauce Companies from around the globe. April 25th and 26th there isn’t a better place to be other than Brooklyn NY for the 2015 NYC Hot Sauce Expo. Don’t miss out.

The NYC Hot Sauce Expo Incentive: A jolt of capsaicin that will excite the nervous system into producing endorphins, which promotes a pleasant sense of well-being. Be Happy & Enjoy!!

For more information about the NYC Hot Sauce Expo please contact Steve Seabury:

Official website:

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