Kevin’s Side of the Dish: Review of House of Jerky’s Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky

Kevin's Side of the Dish

Today I am reviewing House of Jerky’s Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky. I loved this since the first bite I got from it.

Beef (top round), soy sauce, brown sugar, pineapple juice, honey, water, tabasco sauce, ghost chili pepper (bhut jolokia), garlic, red chili pepper, onion, liquid smoke, white pepper, black pepper, ginger.

High River Sauces Launches New BBQ Sauce

November 18th, 2014

High River Sauces Launches New BBQ Sauce

high-river-sauces-rattler-bbq-sauce-chris-santosChef Chris Santos, judge on Food Network’s popular “Chopped” series and chef and partner of Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social, collaborates with Steve Seabury of High River Sauces to launch Rattler Barbeque Sauce – the barbeque sauce with a bite!

Showcasing the bold, fresh flavors that the award-winning hot sauce company High River Sauces is known for, Santos and Seabury have created a custom-made barbeque sauce with the perfect amount of sweet heat. Rattler Barbeque Sauce features spicy Cascabel Chile Peppers, which, like the rattlesnake, are known for their distinctive bite – the name Cascabel actually translates to rattle…

Firecast Podcast Episode #68 – Interview with Benito Maniscalco of Benito’s Hot Sauce

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Episode #68 – Interview with Benito Maniscalco of Benito’s Hot Sauce

One of the most underrated sauce makers in the country, Ol’ Benito Maniscalco of Vermont’s Benito’s Hot Sauce, stops by the Skype chatline and talks with Scott about his stellar products. Scott also reviews Bigfat’s Boom Shanka Curry Chipotle Hot Sauce, and gives a tip on how to clean your coffee and spice grinders.

Note: You may notice that Episode #67 has not been posted yet. As of this writing, that particular show is still being edited, and it will be coming next week, with a special “Kitchen Inventory Essentials” with Ken Alexander!

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3rd Annual Holiday Spicy Super Sale


We are spreading the love for all things spicy in the way of this sale. We have gathered some of the best small market companies who make fiery products of all types and list them here with their own private sales for the holiday season. If you are looking for a gift for a spicy companion or just want to capitalize on some of these amazing offers, this is your opportunity to take advantage of their sales. So please browse through all the listings, and check out the links by clicking on their company names and see what interests you. We you find something great.

Review – Doritos Dinamita Fiery Habanero Tortilla Chips and Ruffles Deep-Ridged Classic Hot Wings Potato Chips

doritos-dinamita-fiery-habanero-and-ruffles-deep-ridged-classic-hot-wings-chipsIt’s time for another captivating snack chip showdown! Of course, since I try to keep it spicy, I’ve selected a pair of nationally-available brand names with takes on fiery flavor variations. Since major snack manufacturers are scatter-shot when it comes to not only featuring a product that should appeal to chileheads, but also be delicious at the same time, I came into this review with no expectations.

Interestingly enough, there are now actually a wealth of hot n’ spicy options down the chip aisle (almost too many, to be honest!), so I had to be very judicious in not only selecting suitable review subjects.

I ended up choosing Doritos Dinamita Fiery Habanero Tortilla Chips and Ruffles Deep-Ridged Classic Hot Wings Potato Chips, and I was fortunate because they were two fairly dissimilar munchies in core ingredients, texture, and flavor styles…

Hot Sauce Fans, Please Help a Hero…

Army-Staff-Sergeant-Ranger-Frank-HegrFellow Hot Sauce Fans and BBQers (and everyone else reading this!), there is a true, real-life American hero who needs our love and support…

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant (SSG) Frank Hegr is a selfless, brave individual (among many thousands in our armed forces) who put his life on the life for the cause of freedom. It is also known amongst Frank’s family and friends that he is a HUGE fan of spicy foods, so many of us in the Hot Sauce Community are joining together to do something very special for him.

Our good friend and chilehead “Arizona” Jack Penrod has in his possession a guitar autographed by famed rocker Ted Nugent, that Jack, with the generous help of Sam and Tina McCanless of Zane and Zack’s World Famous Honey Co., is planning to raffle off to raise money for Frank. We plan to give Frank this gift of monetary support (and hot sauce!) personally at this coming March’s…

Basic Chili Powder Recipe

Basic chili powder recipeThe secret to any great chili is start with an awesome basic chili powder recipe. A chili powder spice blend can be theoretically used to flavor up many different things (try mixing it in with some cuts of steak or chicken the next time you make burritos or fajitas!), but of course its main usage will always be a good bowl of chili con carne.

Pitmaster Jack Waiboer of GrateTV recently asked me for an all-around good recipe for chili powder, when I realized that I had never posted it to this blog! So, for everyone’s benefit to use as the core of your next bowl of chili, below is my chili powder recipe…

Firecast Podcast Episode #66 – More Listener Feedback, Including Your Most Missed Defunct Hot Sauces

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Episode #66 – More Listener Feedback, Including Your Most Missed Defunct Hot Sauces

It’s one again time to dip into the virtual Firecast Mailbag and read your feedback, including many of your responses to the topic brought up in Episode 65, “what are some of your favorite defunct hot sauces?”

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Review – Wendy’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

wendys-bbq-pulled-pork-sandwichOur journey with taking a look at Wendy’s new BBQ Pulled Pork offerings began in late September of this year with their “BBQ4merica: Pulled Pork for the People” video. What can I say about it? It was an extremely clever and effectively ad campaign that, in today’s age where 98% of commercials personally do not appeal to me, actually drew me in, entertained me, made me laugh, and gave me a small glimmer of hope that another fast food franchise could perhaps pull off a decent barbecue sandwich (the previous one being the marginally-good ARBY’s and their Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich, whose commercial guest-starred Neil “Bigmista” Strawder of Bigmista’s Barbecue). Wendy’s new spot featured actors Alfonso Ribeiro and Ralph Macchio, and wrestler Steve Austin in a humorous faux-awareness cause advertisement. I love it. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it below:

Classical Orchestra Play After Eating the World’s Hottest Chile Peppers

danish-classical-orchaestra-eat-the-worlds-hottest-chile-peppersDo they make it, or do they crash and burn? Here is a video of classical orchestra play after eating the world’s hottest chile peppers.

It’s the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing “Tango Jalousie” while eating the some very pungent peppers. At first, I wondered if they were indeed using Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper which as of this writing is the current world’s hottest pepper. But then I learned that the orchestra was conducted by Chili Klaus, who is a Danish chile pepper enthusiast, so my confidence rose a little. Even if the orchestra didn’t use Carolina Reapers, and instead used the slightly more-available Trinidad Scorpion chile peppers (the previous world’s hottest), the effects would have been about the same.


Firecast Podcast Episode #65 – Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q Interview

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Firecast Podcast Episode #65 – Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q Interview

The 2014 Memphis in May World Champion, Pitmaster Chris Lilly of the legendary Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q, joins Scott for an extended chat about running the famous BBQ establishment in Decatur, Alabama, and his thoughts behind his award-winning cooking style.

Ken Alexander and Scott converse about their favorite defunct hot sauces and sauce companies, and Scott reviews Street Eatzz 313 Foodie Sauce.

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Flavor VS. Fire – A Word of Advice to Hot Sauce Fans & Makers – Tasty Hot Bites #7 Video

Hot-Bites-007-YouTube-Flavor-Vs-FireIt was five minutes to recording time, and I gave up with this topic off the top of my head. I give you my humble thoughts on why flavor in hot sauce is always more important than the amount of heat, and how both hot sauce users and hot sauce manufacturers.

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Spice It Up St. Louis at White Castle with Scott Roberts to Benefit Wounded Warriors!


White Castle invites its St. Louis Military and Veterans to join us for a free meal, and a unique opportunity to Spice Up their lunch. Special guest, Scott Roberts of, will be present with a handpicked selection of distinctive sauces.

St. Louis, MO: From 12pm – 3pm, November 8th, 2014, the O’Fallon, Missouri White Castle (2212 State Highway K, O’Fallon, MO) will be hosting a very special Veterans Appreciation Day Event to honor St. Louis’ military and veterans with a free meal. As a humble gesture of appreciation, White Castle will be presenting $10 gift cards* to the men and women who have protected our freedom through their military service. All inactive and active duty members of our military are invited to accept our thanks for their invaluable service to our country.

Scott RobertsEsteemed food blogger, Scott Roberts of, will be on site with his favorite sauce selections, daring attending current military, veterans and fellow St. Louis Cravers to “Spice It Up” and dress their favorite chicks and sliders with the ultimate selection of BBQ and hot sauces.

AOL’s This Built America Series Features McIlhenny Co’s TABASCO

this-built-america-tabasco-mcilhennyAvery Island, Louisiana (October 21, 2014) – This week, TABASCO and their iconic sauce represent Louisiana on AOL’s This Built America editorial series. You may know where the legendary TABASCO sauce is made, but do you know how it’s made?

With three simple ingredients – and a lot of patience – TABASCO’s owners, the McIlhenny family…

Scoville Scale Updates and Fixes

scoville-scale-chart-for-hot-chile-peppers-and-hot-saucesWhew! I’ve been making numerous fixes, updates and changes to the world’s largest Scoville Scale Chart Database for Hot Sauces and Chile Peppers. This is the first time I’ve really updated this page since I updated the blog template last year, so it’s a long overdue fix!

Lots of the tweaks and revisions are “behind the scenes” in the chart code as it grabs info from the database, as well as stylistic modifications. I have added several new chile peppers, numerous photos of peppers and sauces that were absent, plus a truckload of descriptions.  I’m in the home stretch of finishing this up, but if you still see something that is a glaring omission or see something that is broken, contact me and let me know!

See the Scoville Scale Chart now!

I’d also like to give a big shout-out to Michael Hultquist of Chili Pepper Madness and Jim Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles for providing both images and descriptions of many of the chile peppers listed.

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