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Learn How to Make Mexican Street Food: Tacos and Salsa


NMSU Researchers Say Milk Works Best To Extinguish The Heat From Chile Peppers

According to research conducted by New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute, milk is the best way to extinguish the heat from chile peppers. (Courtesy photo)

The next time you bite off more than you can handle in regard to a hot chile pepper, your best bet is to drink some milk. That’s according to research conducted by New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute.

“Capsaicin is the chemical compound found in chile peppers that makes them taste hot,” said Paul Bosland, an NMSU Regents Professor and director of the Chile Pepper Institute. “It turns out that milk has a protein in it [called casein] that replaces the capsaicin on the receptors on your tongue. It’s really the quickest way to alleviate the burning feeling.”

Bosland said when capsaicin attaches to receptors in your mouth, it sends the same signal to your brain as it would if you had touched something hot. That’s why some people also begin to sweat when they eat hot peppers. Milk, and other dairy products like sour cream or even ice cream, will help to put out that fire.

So, does anything else work…

Cuts of Pork – Get to Know the Parts of a Pig


Are you a True BBQ Pitmaster? Do You Know Your Cuts of Pork?

There is nothing on God’s green earth that quite compares to a perfectly-cooked beef steak or grilled or smoked chicken.  But my favorite grilled or barbecued animal of choice? It is perhaps the pig.

Pork is undeniably one of the most commonly consumed meats in the world. My preference for swine is due to the meat being sweet and juicy, almost to the point of being deliciously unctuous. I also love pig because there is simply so much you can do with it and types of meat they offer. I mean, you can get ribs, pulled pork, ham, St. Louis-style pork steaks, sausage, bacon…? What’s not to love?

Where do you start? There are seemingly endless cuts that can be found, some better known than others, even if you only include what’s found at your neighborhood grocer…

Texas Caviar Recipe


What is Texas caviar? Well, unlike it’s namesake, it has nothing whatsoever to do with fish eggs, thankfully!

Texas caviar is a salad of beans, corn, black-eyed peas, and other ingredients, often eaten as a dip accompaniment to tortilla chips. You can also think of it like an jacked-up black bean and corn salsa. Texas caviar is good any time as a snack, part of an appetizer or a party food.

Here is a Texas caviar recipe that will add some life to your feeding frenzy…

Homemade Nacho Cheese Queso Sauce Recipe

nacho-cheese-sauce-queso-recipeI love me some nacho cheese. The ooey, gooey, liquid nacho queso sauce you commonly find in fast food Mexican restaurants, at concession stands and snack bars, and on your grocery store shelves are a guilty pleasure of mine, but I recently found that you can create a much better nacho cheese product at home.

So here is my nacho sheese sauce recipe. The consistency of this queso will be a tiny bit more “stringy” and “stretchy” like melted cheddar and be “gloppy”, yet still have attributes of being smooth and pourable and will be very similar to a store-bought processed nacho cheese sauce.

It’s great with old fashioned tortilla chips and jalapenos, but it’s also fantastic on Taco Tuesdays or even on friend potato slices (for what I call “Potchos”). Just as long as you have plenty of pre-shredded cheddar or a block of cheddar on hand, this nacho cheese sauce recipe should be pretty easy to make any time as it includes very common ingredients.


Grilling Tips From Rocky Stubblefield, Plus Exclusive Stubb’s BBQ Giveaway!

stubbs-bbq-rocky-stubblefield-giveaway-contestJuly is National Grilling Month, and it’s is the perfect time for backyard cooks to fire up 2016’s hottest Bar-B-Q trends. Barbecue expert Rocky Stubblefield of Austin, Texas-based Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q offers tips for these top trends to try now:

  • Boosted burgers: Create over-the-top burgers by coating each patty with Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Rub, then sprinkle with a little smoked sea salt to really enhance that smoky barbecue taste. Let the patties sit for a while before cooking – you can actually see the flavor seeping into the meat!
  • Steak stand-ins: No barbecue is complete without coleslaw, so deconstruct the classic with grilled cabbage “steaks” marinated in Stubb’s Chicken Marinade for 15-30 minutes, then grilled over medium-high heat 3-4 minutes each side. Baste with 3/4 cup Stubb’s Sweet Black Pepper Anytime Sauce mixed with a quarter cup of mayo in the final minutes of grilling and serve with shredded carrots and finely chopped onions on top.
  • Smoky heat: Get just the right amount of heat to suit your taste by mixing in your favorite hot sauce with Stubb’s Original or Sticky Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce, then heat together in a pan, adding hot sauce to taste. Throw in a little finely chopped onion for some extra tang and texture.
  • Smoking is the new grilling: For smoking meats on a charcoal grill, use hardwood chunks, or on a gas grill, use wood chips. Soak wood chunks…

Enter Hot Sauce Depot’s Awesome High River Sauces Giveaway Contest


Hot Sauce Depot is having a contest to give away a bottle of 1032 K Hot Sauce, the scientifically engineered hot sauce developed by GE, Thrillist, and High River Sauces. Only 1,000 bottles of this limited edition sauce were produced, and it sold out shortly after going on sale back in April. The 1032K Sauce is part of a prize pack courtesy of Steve Seabury of High River Sauces.

The contest is going on throughout July, and all you have to do to enter is…

McDonald’s to Test Sriracha Menu Items


If you hadn’t known before, McDonald’s has often used its San Diego-based restaurants as a testing ground for a handful of new ideas. What’s next on the world’s largest burger chain’s list for keeping up with the tastes of the country? Sriracha and Big Mac Special Sauce.

The special spicy sandwich is slated to be made with white cheddar, kale, spinach, crispy onions, tomato and a secret blend of Sriracha and traditional Big Mac sauce. The flavor option is…

Recipe – BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos


Do you think pulled pork is only good as a sandwich? Think again. This recipe for BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos from Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q is absolutely killer! There’s a warning: once you make these BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos, you will constantly crave them day and night.

Cooking these is a relatively simple process. The only “hard” thing to do is smoked a pork shoulder. But if you’re a BBQ aficionado, chances are good that you having something going in your smoker every weekend anyway. Let’s get to the goods…

Recipe – Homemade Flour Tortillas

recipe-homemade-flour-tortillasIn a pinch, I admit that I’ll use the thin, rubbery, store-bought flour tortillas for burritos, soft tacos or wraps. If I really want something that pops with freshness, texture and flavor, nothing beats making some homemade flour tortillas for my Mexican-style meals.

Here’s a simple recipe for homemade flour tortillas that anyone can do – even the laziest cook out there! After one or two tries, you’ll have this down pat. In fact, you’ll get the craving for these for whenever you’re concocting your own south-of-the-border recipes…

Help a Fellow Chilehead Out!


Many of us old school chileheads remember the one and only Jonathan Passow. He and his wife Anna have recently moved from their native Ohio to settle down in Northern California to embark on their dream: run a small, self-sufficient, organic farm.

PS Farms is what they’re calling their new venture, and they’re looking for your help! This is one crowdfunding campaign that I can get behind and help promote, because Jon’s a great guy. Jon and Anna have a clear vision and plan for their farm, and much of it is laid out on their GoFundMe page, including chicken egg production and chile pepper cultivation.

Watch Jon and Anna describe their dream in…

My BBQ Pit Boss Tool Belt Interview

PitBossBelt-interviewI recently did a website interview with the guys over at The Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt blog. The topics focused mainly on my experience and preferences when it comes to BBQ and grilling. At times I really had to use my ol’ noggin, because I had never contemplated more than a few things, such as who my BBQ “hero” might be, or what grilling tool I wish was developed. Thanks to Mike, Jason and Craig of The BBQ Pit Boss for their intriguing probing questions!

Link: http://pitbossbelt.com/wp/bbq-pit-boss-vs-marcel-proust-grilling-guru-interview-with-scott-roberts-scottrobertsweb-and-weeklyfirecast-com

Review – California Habanero Blends Ginger Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce


Here’s a sauce that I think has a very narrow scope. California Habanero Blends Ginger Garlic Habanero Sweet Mild Heat Hot Sauce certainly wouldn’t be as versatile as it touts itself to be on the bottle, but for what it does do, you may discover it that it adds that little bit of difference you’re craving to spice up hum-drum meals.

Sugar, Orange juice, Pineapple Juice, Soy Sauce…

More Barbecuing and Smoking Myths


Not too long ago, I debunked six of my most despised grilling and meat myths. It’s once again time to dispel another round of meaty myths plaguing backyards and BBQ circles alike.

Myth 1: If You Cook Briskets Fat Side Up, the Fat Will Melt and Penetrate and Moisten the Meat

This is not a debate on whether you should smoke beef briskets with the fat cap up or the fat cap down. There are plenty of examples of contest winners and BBQ experts using either method, and strong pros and cons exist for both viewpoints. If…

These are the Top 5 Best Spicy Snacks Available Today

best-spicy-snacks-fiery-foods-hot-potato-chipsIt’s time to revisit a subject (and maybe the first in a series of similar topics) for discussion here in the chilehead world: what are my favorite spicy snacks in the world?

On previous lists on this very topic in years past, I have included spicy sweets among fiery snacks. I decided to forgo the mention of candies, chocolates, confections, sweet baked items, and caramel sauces and hot syrups on this top 5 rundown, and instead will go for the more salty-based variety of munchies. This includes chips, baked or fried products made from potatoes, corn, wheat, or meat jerky.

As I was compiling this list, I discovered that a few “shoe-ins” unfortunately had to be left out as the manufacturer either stopped production of the item or the company went out of business altogether. It’s sad, but most of you know that the fiery foods industry can be a fickle and tough one to remain successful in, and sometimes the products for whatever reason did not gain the audience they deserved.

So, without further ado, here are what I think are the best chile pepper-laden snacks on the market today in order…