Summer Fest – One Weekend, Three Festivals

sun-prairie-wisconsin-summer-feast-bacon-brew-bbq-festThe ultimate festival for food lovers, families & craft beer enthusiasts in Wisconsin.

The Summer Feast is a 3-day celebration from June 24-26th in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin (near Madison), featuring specialty cuisines, craft beers and music. Each day, Chefs focus on different flavors which makes each day of the festival unique. There are activities for kids and adults, live music, Junior Chef Competitions and much more. The Friday & Sunday events offer free admission, are family-friendly and allow for multiple food choices at affordable prices. Saturday is for adults 21 and up and is an All-You Can Eat & Drink Festival which requires an advance ticket purchase. Enjoy three of the most unique food festivals, all in one location, all in one weekend…

Hot Sauce Festival Season Heats Up in 2016


Just when you think things couldn’t get any hotter, think again.

More fiery foods events are being set ablaze all of the U.S. this year. And while more events does not necessarily equal satisfaction and success on all levels, there are a handful of events – including a pair of new expos – that have an excellent chance of elevating the chilehead community to another exciting level. Why, you might ask? Because they are produced or co-produced by none other than Steve Seabury himself, the man behind the hugely successful New York City Hot Sauce Expo.

Both returning for a second go-around are the California Hot Sauce Expo and the NJ Taco Festival.

The California Hot Sauce Expo, scheduled for July 16th and 17th, is similar in a lot of ways to the kick-ass NYC event in its formatting, with vendors galore and spicy eating contest, just instead hosted in sunny Long Beach, CA as opposed to the cool, crisp Brooklyn streets.

The NJ Taco Festival, while alike in a…

Carol Borge to Join Chile Pepper Magazine

Carol BorgeNews courtesy of Carol Borge, producer of the Houston Hot Sauce Festival:

Exciting announcement.  As of May 5, I have a new position in the world of Chileheads.

I am very pleased and excited regarding my new position as National Sales Director for Chile Pepper Magazine. I have 15+ years experience in the Chilehead industry. I have made tons of friends and connections with “HOT” companies. Chileheads share their spicy passion for the love of food, and more, as a family with common zesty interests. A lot of you know me, or of me, in the fiery food world. I look forward to bringing great marketing opportunities to you at Chile Pepper Magazine.

I predict great things to come in this position.

Stay hot!!!

Carol Borge


A little pepper P.S. This will not effect my role with the Houston Hot Sauce Festival. I will be staying just as involved.  And doing a great job for both!!!

Patter Fam Foods Now Open!

Filter by typeFilter by dateSearch Media patter UPLOADING  1 / 1 – patter-fam-foods-now-open.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS  patter-fam-foods-now-openWheelersburg, Ohio – Patter Fam Foods, a full-service sauce co-packing facility, is now approved for acidic foods manufacturing.  A subsidiary of Patter Fam Sauces, LLC, it is located in the Ohio-Kentucky-West Virginia tri-state region, in the heart of some of the richest agricultural regions in the Easter U.S.

Their niche is the small producer/cottage based industry that is underserved by the co-packing industry.  They can produce in quantities as small as 10 gallons or as large as you need.  Producers can avoid the large production quantities required by most co-packers.

Patter Fam Foods is actively looking for food producers with a new product or limited budget, restaurants, or start-ups looking for a way to make their product “market ready”.  They provide consulting, branding, product development and logistic services.  They can manufacture your recipe or develop a private label line for your restaurant or food company.

As an extension of their successful Patter Fam Sauces brand, they have a proven track record for high quality food products and service.  Owner Sam Peters said, “We are dedicated to outstanding customer service and partnerships with our clients.  Our mission has always been to make every dining experience great!”

Patter Fam Foods is located at 8019 Hayport Road in Wheelersburg, OH at the intersection of Hayport Road and Old Gallia Pike.  For more information you may visit their website, or phone 740-352-2008.


I Want Your Announcements, News and Press Releases!

steve-and-lisa-seabury-with-scott-roberts-press-releasesI’ll begin this post by saying that Steve Seabury, owner of High River Sauces and producer of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, “gets it”.

I’ve singled Seabury out as a stellar example of someone who not only is a well-liked member of the specialty food community, but also someone who knows how to effectively market himself and his efforts to heights achieved by few others in the fiery foods industry.

Yes, there are a dozen and one ways to market yourself in today’s multi-pronged society, and I urge everyone to pursue every avenue they can. Yet there exists a scarcely-utilized method of promotion that few in the hot sauce or BBQ world even think about: the press release.

Without fail, Seabury will send press releases and news for all of his ventures. He truly understands the effectiveness that a well-written and info-packed news blast can give him and his business. I urge a lot more of you to do the same!

I want to post up any news, announcements, press releases, events, contest wins, or anything that would be of great interest to the bulk of national fiery foods and BBQ fans!

Ultimate Taco Seasoning Recipe

Scott's spicy taco seasoning recipeSo you’re looking for a good taco seasoning recipe? Maybe a variation with some spicy chile pepper kick to it? Well, my fellow foodie and internet traveler, you’ve come to the right destination!

How I came to creating this particular taco seasoning spice mix is as follows. Please bare with me.

“Mexican night” around Casa Del Roberts is a frequently-occurring and much-anticipated occasion. Naturally, whether our main vessel of holding and consuming taco meat comes in the guise of crunchy tacos, soft tacos, burritos, nachos, enchiladas, taco burgers, or even the odd Mexican pizza, the constant need for taco seasoning is mammoth. Sure, I could stock up on a handful of those decent-tasting taco seasoning pouches from my local supermarket, but sometimes I do run out of the processed stuff in the packets and need to throw something together in a pinch…

Grilling Wings Missouri-Style


What’s that? You mean haven’t tried chicken wing drumettes and flats “Missouri-style”? If you’re unfamiliar with this tiny little live-fire recipe twist on grilling these popular poultry pieces, it simply combines the best of grilling (hot and fast cooking) and true outdoor barbecuing (low n’ slow with a touch of wood smoke). The results are spectacular!

And if you’re unlearned about grilling wings, period, and are just used to frying them indoors, you’re missing quite a treat. The great thing about grilled wings is that the fat drips down, the skin gets lovely and crispy and you don’t have to deal with cooking with hot oil (and the disposal associated with using it). Plus, you get a delicious grilled flavor!

To first implement Missouri-style, first lay out some…

Debunking Six of My Most Despised Grilling and Meat Myths

steak-myths-scott-robertsHere’s a piece I did for Char-Broil a few years back.

Some say that “ignorance is bliss,” but being unlearned about certain aspects of grilling and barbecuing does not make me a happy camper. So, I wanted to help educate the masses and put an end to common mistakes by debunking six (despised) grilling and meat myths.

Myth #1: Grilling and barbecuing are the same thing.

False. Many novice backyard cooks use the terms interchangeably when they’re actually NOT one and the same. Grilling involves very fast cooking over a high heat (300°F or higher), and is optimal for steaks, seafood, burgers and dogs. Barbecuing, on the other hand, is very slow cooking over a low heat (usually between 225° – 275°F) and is…

Chile Pepper Magazine To Sponsor National Fiery Foods & BBQ Show

chile-pepper-magazineNews from Dave DeWitt:

“As many of you know, I was the founding editor of Chile Pepper magazine from 1987 to 1996. I was never the owner or publisher of that magazine. After I left, the magazine was bought and sold about five or six times until it ended up in the hands of McAby Media in Stafford, Texas. They have done a wonderful job publishing the magazine and a few years ago started exhibiting at our national show here in Albuquerque.



In March at the show this year, I had a discussion with Rick McMillen, the former publisher of Chile Pepper, who’s now ‘retired’ but still writes articles and columns for the magazine. His son, Sir McMillen, is now the publisher. Rick and I discussed the possibility of the magazine sponsoring the show, and Rick suggested that I write a proposal and if he liked it, he would pass it on to Sir. Yesterday, Sir and I came to an agreement, and now Chile Pepper magazine is an official sponsor of the show, and I’ll probably be writing again for the magazine I helped to found 29 years ago! It really is like a dream come true for me, and Sir has issued this statement: ‘Chile Pepper magazine is thrilled to be an official sponsor of the National Fiery Foods & BBQ Show. It only makes sense that two revered companies within the chilehead community join forces. Together we can continue to build our own brands, reach more of the ever growing chilehead community, and expose more and more Americans to the spicy lifestyle.'”


NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2016 – Screaming Mi Mi Award Winners


The NYC Hot Sauce Expo is proud to announce the 2016 Screaming Mi Mi Award winners. With hundreds of entries the winners were selected by blind taste test by New Yorks finest and brightest  in the culinary industry. The panel consisted of chefs from FOX, CBS and Food Networks, Food Critics from NYC Newspapers, Bloggers, Magazines, Hot Sauce Retailers, and some of NYC’s Top Chefs. The Screaming Mi Mi Awards have been creating a large industry buzz within the Hot Sauce Community. Past winners have received features on TV, magazines, newspapers creating a profile that has lead for their product distributed by wholesalers and national retail outlets.

This year’s top honors goes out to Ghost Scream Hot Sauce for winning the Grand World Champion. The panel of judges gave his Shost Scream Hot Sauce the top honors of all entries.

Here are your 2016 Screaming Mi Mi Award Winners.

Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Class of 2016


Immediate Release

March 29th, 2016

Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Class of 2016

The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Foundation is very proud to announce the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Class of 2016. The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame will induct 5 people all of which have been very instrumental in the fiery foods. After months of balloting, with just shy of 500 voters, the NYC Hot Sauce Expo is now proud to announce and present the Class of 2016.

This year’s group are the biggest and brightest names in the industry. One of Legend. One of inspiration. Here is your Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Class of 2016.

  1. Blair Lazar – Blair’s Sauces and Snacks: Heating up over 31 countries, printed in six languages, and Guinness World Record certified with the hottest product created, Blair’s passion for peppers is ever present. It is what fuels the fiery phenomena that’s called the Death Sauce.
  2. David Tran – Huy Fong Foods (Sriracha Sauce): Started in 1980 and has grown to be the leader in Asian Hot Sauce with his Sriracha Sauce also known to hot sauce fans as the “Rooster Sauce”.
  3. Jacob Frank – Founder of Frank’s Red Hot and one of the biggest selling hot sauces in the country. Frank’s RedHot cayenne pepper sauce was used as the secret ingredient for the first ever Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, New York, putting it on the map and starting the flavor craze that has led to consumers obsession with all things Buffalo-flavor.
  4. Marie Sharp – Marie Sharp’s & the Original Melinda’s: Owner Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Ltd. – Started making sauce in the early 80’s and actually was the creator of Melinda’s sauces. Her sauce is the quintessential Central American hot sauce awesome flavor and great heat!
  5. Sam Garner – Texas Pete: This hot sauce was introduced to the world in 1929 and is now the 3rd largest selling hot sauce in the country.

The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame enshrinement…

The Firecast Podcast Returning For 2016 Episodes

the-firecast-hot-sauce-bbq-chile-pepper-podcast-2016There is great news for chileheads, BBQers and fiery foods fans everywhere!

After taking a brief hiatus, The Firecast Spicy Food, BBQ and Hot Sauce Podcast Show is returning soon with all-new episodes for its 2016 season! Some cool topics and guests are planned with the coverage all you foodies have grown to love.

As always, listening to The Firecast is extremely easy! There are a vast number of ways to listen, subscribe ad download the episodes on virtual every internet-enabled electronic device known to man. Go to The Firecast‘s Subscribe and Connect page to peruse all the different options you have available.

The Firecast is the most listened-to show on the internet with a focus on hot sauce, fiery foods and BBQ. The program aims to feature the best and most diverse coverage of spicy food, sauces, seasoning, grilling, barbecue smoking, chile peppers, buffalo wings, chili and more, with weekly product previews and interviews with the biggest movers and shakers in the industry. New podcast episodes are released roughly twice per month.

The Firecast Podcast is downloaded on average of over 45,000 times per month, with new episodes racking up more than 12,000 downloads each.  The show began in 2010 as a YouTube video show, and transitioned into its current audio format in mid-2012.

Website Link:

The 28th National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show is Almost Here!

28th Annual National Fiery Foods and BBQ Show in Albuquerque, NMAlbuquerque, NM – The 28th annual National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show is drawing near as hundreds of exhibitors prepare their best gourmet foods, sauces, spices, sweet-heat treats and rubs to showcase at Sandia Resort and Casino March 4-6, 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The event will feature more than 1,000 different products from the U.S. and around the world.

The Fiery Foods Show is the country’s largest gathering of fiery food products and barbecue sauces. The 2015 event welcomed a record number of attendees and organizers of the event expect even more for the 28th annual event. This year the Fiery Foods Show will host multi-media demonstrations and a margarita challenge for the first time. Its official mascot, Chile the Kid will return, greeting guests throughout the weekend.

Multimedia presentations Saturday and Sunday will include a Tequila Demonstration by mixologist Greg Mays; Kelly Urig on her book, New Mexico Chiles: History, Legend and Lore; Dave DeWitt on his book, The Field Guide to Peppers; and Tim Ziegler on Spices & Chiles in Regional and Ethnic Cuisines.

While many exhibitors will display their award-winning selections, others will showcase first-time products. Attendees can also enjoy select Scovie Award-winning products, recognized as the top fiery food products in the world. The annual competition organized by the producers of the Fiery Foods Show is one of the most competitive blind tasted food competitions in the U.S., and receives hundreds of entries each year.

About the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show
The 2016 National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show will take place March 4-6, 2016 at Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vendors from across the country will be in attendance. The show is open to the general public and trade (wholesale) buyers. Hours of the show are:

Friday, March 4
11am-4pm: trade only
4pm-8pm: trade and general public
Saturday, March 5
9am-11am: trade only
11am-7pm: trade and general public
Sunday, March 6
9am-11am: trade only
11am-6pm: trade and general public

Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for youth 18 and younger. Advanced tickets will be available through Ticketmaster for $12, and at the Sandia Resort and Casino box office. Parking is free. For more information visit

Hot Sauce Merger – Houston Hot Sauce Festival and Louisiana Hot Sauce Exposition, Inc. Announce Alliance


Houston, Texas, 01/11/2016Carol Fox Borge of The Houston Hot Sauce Festival and Dana Romero, Chairman of The Louisiana Hot Sauce Exposition, Inc. announced today that they will be forming an alliance to manage their respective fiery food events.

The Houston Hot Sauce Festival is one of the oldest fiery events in the nation, with over 100 vendors showcasing a wide range of products and crafts. The Louisiana Hot Sauce Exposition Inc. manages The Louisiana Hot Sauce Expo in Lafayette, Louisiana and the Florida Festival of Flavor & Fire in Lakeland, Florida. Similar events that offer the same perspective. The synergy created by this alliance will solidify the efforts of bringing the top vendors in the fiery gourmet foods market to the Gulf Coast area from Texas to Florida, improving the market efforts of the vendors, and providing accessibility of these vendors to the areas served by these events.

“This opportunity to expand our efforts of the past fifteen years from the Houston Metroplex to the region of Central Florida and all the area in between is a big win for both consumers and providers of gourmet specialty food! Fiery is one of the fastest growing segments of this industry”, states Carol.

Romero stated at the signing of the alliance agreement “We are so happy to have Carol on our Board of Directors, her Houston Hot Sauce Festival is a great fit for our organization as a way to continue our goal of introducing people to the excitement these products bring to food.”

The three events are scheduled to take place as following:

The Louisiana Hot Sauce Expo held inside Blackham Coliseum, Lafayette, La. on April 16-17, 2016.

The Florida Festival of Flavor and Fire held inside The Lakeland Center, Lakeland, Fl. on June 11-12, 2016.

The Houston Hot Sauce Festival to be held inside the Stafford Center, Stafford, Tx. on Sept. 17-18, 2016.

For more information, please contact Dana Romero:

Louisiana Hot Sauce Exposition, Inc.
5000 Freetown Road
New Iberia, La. 70560

The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame 2016 Final Ballot Announcement


The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Final Ballot Announcement

The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame is back and commissioner Steve Seabury of High River Sauces will conduct the induction ceremony live at the 4th annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo in Brooklyn, NY on April 23rd at 2 PM. This year the Hall of Fame will induct 5 people who have been very instrumental in the Hot Sauce industry. The inducted class of 2016 will receive a distinctive Red Jacket, Hall of Fame Ring and will be enshrined legendary of honors into the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame.

To be eligible for the nominating or voting process, a person must operate within the fiery foods industry for a minimum of 3 years. These people also known as the Selection Committee, consists of hot sauce companies, retailers, distributors, exporters, chile pepper growers, media and restaurateurs who specialize if spicy foods and hot sauce. The Selection Committee will be polled by email from the Hall of Fame’s Senators Board in which the board will eventually narrow the Selection Committee’s ballots down to the final list to 10.

After months of debating and voting from the  Selection Committee, the committee have narrowed down their final nominations to some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry.

The Final Ballot Nominations…