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A Few Quick Thoughts on Kickstarter Campaigns

kickstarter-logoThe internet is rife with innovative ideas; and crowdfunding, if used correctly, can be a fantastic way of acquiring capital for fledgling projects, concepts and companies that may not have otherwise had a snowball’s chance in hell at succeeding.

Kickstarter is the name that pops into most people’s heads when it comes to crowdfunding services on the interwebs. It’s been very effective for artisan sauce companies Torchbearer Sauces, Patter Fam Sauces and Benito’s Hot Sauces at aiding in their efforts to expand.

And there are a few reasons why the aforementioned sauce makers have succeeded. One, they have been around for at least a few years and are established brands in spicy food circles. They’ve paid their dues through hard work, sweat and sacrifice. Two, they have developed many quality products that they currently sell in their inventory. Three, they have, to some extent, developed solid relationships with folks in both their own local markets (for example, Benito’s in Vermont, and Torchbearer is in Pennsylvania) and people online (in this later instance, with many bloggers and more visible people in the chilehead community). They may not be a household name like a Frank’s RedHot or Tabasco, yet many hardcore heat freaks are familiar with their names. And four, they offer…

High River Sauces Featured On CBS This Morning News Show

March 28th,  2014

High River Sauces Featured On CBS Morning News

Penn Yan, NY native, Steve Seabury will make his debut appearance on the CBS This Morning Show on Saturday March 29th at 8: 45 AM EST highlighting his awarding winning hot sauce company called High River SaucesCBS news anchors Charlie RoseGayle Kingand Norah O’Donnell will sit down with Seabury and discuss his passion and journey through the hot sauce industry, his view on the future of the fiery foods business and a hot sauce tasting featuring his new Foo Foo Mama Choo which uses the hottest pepper in the world the Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper Pepper.

High River Sauces Featured On CBS Morning News

136 lbs. of Marijuana Found in Semi-Truck Hauling Churches Chicken Hot Sauce

136 lbs. of pot found in semi hauling Church136 lbs. of pot found in semi hauling Churches Chicken hot saucees Chicken hot sauceGALLUP, N.M. – This past Friday, March 14th, a semi was inspected at the Gallup Port of Entry. Its cargo consisted of hot sauce for Churches Chicken, 136 pounds of marijuana, plus smaller amounts of cocaine.

The search of the First Carolina Cargo-owned vehicle was conducted at about 2 p.m.

In the sleeper of the semi, a kilo of cocaine and another bundle of cocaine weighting a total of 3.2 pounds were…

Tabasco Segment on 60 Minutes

In case you missed the recent 60 Minutes segment featuring the McIlhenny Co., makers of the world’s most popular hot pepper sauce, Tabasco, can be viewed here in all its entirety:

It’s almost great to see mainstream media coverage of the fiery foods industry, and this piece was no exception. However, there are a few factual inaccuracies given, especially when it comes to the history of the pepper sauce given in the segment. Hot sauce historian and owner of MONTEZUMA Brand Sauces & Salsas, Chuck Evans, has pointed out in online communities some of these inaccuracies.  Perhaps he can comment below and help set the record straight when it comes to historical correctness.


Travel Channel’s “Grilled!” Looking For Competitors

Grilled! Casting Application

Grilled! is a fantastic high “steaks” elimination competition on the Travel Channel and they are casting the best of the best behind the grill. Our competitors, Woman or Man, must be able to cook with any heat source (gas, charcoal, wood chips) and they must be able to cook with the surprise ingredients as the clock ticks down! Restaurant Pros, Competition Cookers, and Backyard Janes and Joes are all welcome, but all competitors gotta bring the confidence and culinary creativity if you want to bring home the $10,000…

Scott’s Atkins Diet Journey – Week Four and The End

lucky dog hot sauce extra hot pepper

This Atkins thing, as difficult as it has been, is ridiculously efficient and successful. Maybe too successful. It is because of it’s effectiveness that only after a month on the diet and being a trim 167 lbs, I am ready to ease my way off of it.  Doing so, I’ve been slowly introducing carbohydrates back into my diet.

It felt sooooo good to finally sink my teeth into breads and crusts and sweet stuff for dessert. One of the items I used to celebrate the successful dieting was a tummy-pleasing buffalo flat bread pizza with lots of Lucky Dog Extra Hot Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce.

And just as quickly as it started, it’s pretty much ended. So what next?

High River Sauces Live on Fox & Friends on March 6th


Steve Seabury owner of High River Sauces, showcases his awarding winning hot sauces on Thursday March 6th at 7:30 AM EST on America’s number one rated cable morning show Fox & Friends on the Fox News Network. The morning show  averages 1.226 million viewers each day.  Seabury will share his keen insight about the hot sauce industry with the shows host Elisabeth HasselbeckSteve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. They will discuss his highly anticipated Foo Foo Mama Choo pepper sauce which features the hottest pepper in the world the Smokin’ Eds Carolina Reaper, The NYC Hot Sauce Expo and his opinions of where the fiery food trends are growing and expanding in the future.

Seabury currently organizes and hosts the New York City Hot Sauce Expo which is one of…

Review – Qdoba’s New Fiery Queso Diablo and Zesty Queso Verde

qdoda-queso-sampler-new-queso-diablo-and-queso-verde-cheesesQdoba, one of my favorite Mexican-style QSR chains, has had a winner in their long-standing 3-Cheese Queso. Now they are expanding their once singular liquid cheese offering into two new flavors based on burgeoning types of heat and taste profiles: Fiery Queso Diablo, a darker blend filled with jalapeños and smoky chipotles, and Zesty Queso Verde, a bright and herby Zesty Queso Verde. Do these upstarts get my thumbs up and delight my taste buds? Well, read on, fellow foodies…

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